Grut Vs. Widro 03.27.02


VPJG: Thank you for reading the 2nd installment of Grutman vs. Daniels. Daniels has fallen off the Earth, and thus I turn to my new oponent.
Widro: daniels has actually been relieved of all duties at 411
VPJG: That’s right, it’sWidro! As much as I hate him, I’ve decided to put aside old arguments and argue with him.
Widro: i can’t even stand the sight of grut, but for the good of the site, i’ll at least do this crap
VPJG: Anything involving me is for the good of the site. By 1 vote, Daniels won the argument about Wrestlemania last week. Therefore, his transexual replacement may pick the topic.
Widro: i didn’t know hyatte was in this chat too!?
VPJG: HAHAHA! Just pick the topic, JONATHAN.
Widro: i pick the most cliche topic… GOLDBERG IN WWE!
VPJG: Beautiful. And to clinch victory, I’ll be anti-Goldberg.
Widro: what!? goldberg is THE answer to all of WWE’s problems!
VPJG: Why is that?
Widro: he has a passion to entertain the fans, doesn’t mind doing business the right way, and can GO in the ring
VPJG: Well, can you cite an example of Goldberg doing business the right way?
Widro: remember when he jobbed to team package?
VPJG: Oh yeah. That was nice of him.
Widro: that ended up being the end of his career, just like the stip promised
Widro: that will surely be addressed on RAW
VPJG: Now, I don’t question Goldberg’s professional manner.
VPJG: What I’m worried about is his reckless style in the ring.
Widro: do you think wwe superstars FEAR the SPEAR?
VPJG: I’m sure they’re terrified. Goldberg ended Bret Hart’s career. He destroyed the Maestro’s spine. No one has seen Ernest Miller since their last match.
Widro: i think you mean STROZILLA
Widro: and we ALL know who actually ended bret hart’s career
Widro: that’s right
Widro: bret hart
Widro: bret screwed bret
Widro: not goldberg
VPJG: Bret Hart kicked Bret Hart in the head after closing his eyes?
Widro: if you want to call it that, yes
VPJG: Makes sense.
VPJG: Moving on…
VPJG: Goldberg doesn’t seem to want to be a wrestler.
Widro: what makes you say that
Widro: he has wrestled in japan
VPJG: Yeah, for money.
Widro: and now signed for whats reportedly 100 dates in a year with wwe
VPJG: Yeah, for money
Widro: as opposed to hhh who works for free
VPJG: I know! That’s what I’m saying!
Widro: i think you are anti sematic, thats why you dont like goldberg!
VPJG: I’m Jewish! How dare you, sir? How dare you?
Widro: i dare because i tell the truth
VPJG: I think you’re the anti-sematic one!
Widro: i dare because i care
Widro: that is insanity! i love goldberg and also natalie portman, two of the best jews there are
VPJG: But you don’t love me!
VPJG: Not anymore.
Widro: i cant trust you anymore
Widro: not after the incident
Widro: not after all this time
VPJG: I trust you! Isn’
VPJG: Whoops.
VPJG: Let me get back in the mood.
VPJG: I trust you! Isn’t that enough?
Widro: not this time
Widro: not after memphis
VPJG: I can’t go back there,Widro. I can’t take that trip through my own mind and go back to Memphis.
VPJG: We were talking about Goldberg.
VPJG: He’s… he’s bald…
VPJG: Bald men are bad!
Widro: listen, wwe fans across the country are asking themselves “who’s next!”
Widro: you cannot deny this
VPJG: Let me open my window.
VPJG: Okay, I hear them. Your point?
Widro: he will come in, and take that no good triple h and that bum austin and spear and jackhammer them
VPJG: Triple H doesn’t job to blacks or Jews.
VPJG: Wait… I don’t know that for a fact.
Widro: you are running low on ideas
Widro: grut vsWidro is a landslide
VPJG: Okay, one second.
Widro: you should just retire
VPJG: Wait.
VPJG: Okay. Goldberg: Not careful. Selfish. Believes his initial push is who he should always be. Unwilling to change.
VPJG: How many times must I apologize?
VPJG: The bullet was meant for you. Your mom and dad and that orphan kid just got in the way.
VPJG: And again, I’m sorry.
Widro: you’re just lucky you’re not in jail
Widro: and what do i get?
Widro: you steal my woman and you stole my money
Widro: i wont forgive and i will never forget
VPJG: But I said I was sorry!
Widro: sometimes sorry isnt enough
Widro: sometimes you cant go back home again
VPJG: Yes I can.
VPJG: Thanks to Centrino, I’m right outside your…
VPJG: Goldberg.
Widro: a force to be reckoned with
Widro: goldberg brock at wm20, sounds like a winner
VPJG: A force to wreck a federation with.
VPJG: Goldberg Brock at wm20 means they didn’t learn their lesson.
VPJG: Whoops. Umm, you didn’t just hear anything, did you?
VPJG: Nevermind.
Widro: i heard the sound of defeat
VPJG: So, we were talking about Goldust.
Widro: his new gimmick is hilarious!
VPJG: Yeah, that turrets thing is wha-wha-WHACKY!
Widro: wwe creative is peaking
VPJG: Hey, do you have an alarm code?
Widro: yeah 11934, then #
VPJG: Cool. Just wondering.
VPJG: So, the movie Goldeneye. Worst Bond flick ever.
Widro: no way, i loved when the goldeneye was activated and all electricity and electronics were SHORTED OUT
VPJG: Okay. That was pretty sweet.
VPJG: Oh. You still have that pitbull.
VPJG: I mean, you still have that pitbull?
Widro: he is on my bed, no worries
VPJG: Thanks. So, any weapons in the house?
Widro: nope, well i have a pistol, but i am out of bullets
VPJG: 9 mm?
VPJG: Yep, 9 mm.
VPJG: Perfect.
Widro: hey wait a sec
Widro: where are you!?
Widro: josh?
VPJG: So, your closing argument.
Widro: is that you?
VPJG: Your closing argument. Go.
Widro: goldberg is a fresh face and can create fresh main events for the next year if booked properly… unless wwe messes him up like all the rest, it will be a good summer for wwe
VPJG: My retort.
VPJG: Goldberg is a victim of too much too soon. He could have been a major player in the business, but he believed he was bigger then the business. The WWE already has Brock Lesnar, and Brock seems grounded and can do more in the ring then Goldberg ever could. Send him somewhere to relearn the fundimentals, to learn that you can job and still be a star, and he’ll be someone to look foward to. Send him to the Rock. Until then, keep him off my television.
VPJG: Now the interactive part! Pick a winner and send his name The winner gets to pick next weeks topic, with a returning Tom Daniels.
VPJG: It definitely won’t be withWidro.
Widro: definitely not, this was sickening
Widro: i hate you grut
VPJG: Jonathan…
Widro: i hate you
VPJG: Turn around, Jonathan.
VPJG: I should of fired the gun instead of typing and yelling bang, huh?
Widro: yup, i called the cops earlier, josh
Widro: you’re going away for a while
Widro: a long while
Widro: so long, old friend
VPJG: Oh, and here comes the dog.
VPJG: Great. Until next 10-50 years,Widro eats poop.
Widro: and grutman sleeps with men!