Who's Who In The DCU 4.4.03

What is the deal? Keep those questions coming. I am getting some really interesting queries about the DCU, but I am sure that y’all still have more. Remember there is no such thing as a stupid question, just my dumb answer.

The first question is from Jason Torres from Tucson, AZ:

What ever happened to Will Payton?

Will Payton was the star of the Starman series of the late eighties/early nineties. Will Payton was just a normal dude who went hiking one day. Out of the blue a ray from space, which rendered him unconscious for a month, struck him. When he awoke he found he was strong could fly alter his appearance, and could be used as a conduit for solar energy. He could absorb it and fire it. He sacrificed himself to save everyone from the tyranny of Eclipso (a villian who despises sunlight). Everyone thought he as dead, but he wasn’t (which was good because he didn’t really end Eclipso’s tyranny.) He drifted into space until someone who was looking for the life force of Prince Gavyn found him. Who is Prince Gavyn you ask? Gavyn was also a hero called Starman, although he made a handful of appearances in the seventies, and died during the Crisis.

Apparently when that ray, which was actually Prince Gavyn’s life force, struck Will he died. Gavyn awoke in Will’s body with all of Will’s memories, and none of his own. He continued to live Will’s life. Anyhow because he has Gavyn’s life force (or was Gavyn whichever you prefer) he was captured by Gavyn’s political enemies, until Jack Knight, the star of the Starman series from the mid nineties, rescued him. Will/Gavyn deiced to stay with his empire as Gavyn rather than return to Earth as Will.

The next question if from Mike via email:

Hey Mathan, one of my favourite battles in the DC universe would have to be when Superman takes on Captain Marvel. These two were natural born rivals. Kinda like the Hulk VS The Thing over at Marvel. They are both strongmen in tights (they are the two strongest beings in the DC universe). They both wear primary colors. (blue VS red). They both have recognizable logos (an “S” VS a lightning bolt) and they both were legitimate rivals back in the golden age when Fawcett owned CM and were nasty rivals to National Periodicals (DC COMICS). The thing is, I haven’t seen a battle between these two in quite some time. Do you know if we’ll every see one again? I know it’s hard to get two “good-two-shoe” type heroes to drop the gloves, but I’m sure most of DC fandom would agree when I say that these two should slug it out more often!

Captain Marvel Vs Superman? It’s not going to happen. The upstanding moral character of these two heroes prevents any really good fights from breaking out. Now if they were still owned by separate companies then when they met they could have had the obligatory introductory slugfest. But these guys exist in the same universe and know each other. How on earth could you make these two fight? One would have to be under some sort of villain’s control, and that would give the other the advantage. Since these heroes have counterpart villains your best bet is a Captain Marvel/Bizarro or Superman/Black Adam brawl. If you really want to see some Captain Marvel Superman action, pick up the “Darkness Within” annuals from about a decade ago where Superman got ‘eclipsed.” For an out of continuity story pick up “Kingdom Come” (or for a brief Supes-Cap slugfest, checkout the “Crisis Times Five” story from JLA a few years back, collected in the JLA: Justice For All TPB -Ben)).

The next question is from John via email:

Here’s my question: What’s up with all the different Supergirls? Angel, alien, kryptonian?

Let me begin with the Matrix/Supergirl. Matrix is from the pocket universe (long time readers will remember I described in my very first column way back three weeks ago.) Matrix is an artificial life form created by that universe’s Lex Luthor to help save that Earth from General Zod and his cronies. She could fly, change her appearance, and had telekinesis. She came to Earth looking for Superman. She found him and he went to her universe and saved the day. Unfortunately Matrix was hurt badly and semi reverted to her protoplasmic state. Clark had her stay with his parents in Smallville to give her time to heal. During that time she had an identity crisis and became a dark version of Superman. Again Clark set her straight. After she was all fixed up she fell in love with Lex Luthor II (actually just Lex Luthor in a cloned body). But who wouldn’t have fallen head over heels for that dreamboat, tall long flowing red locks. But I digress. Their love didn’t last. Then one day while in Leesburg Supergirl stopped to save a stranger by the name of Linda Danvers. Unfortunately Linda was beyond saving. However Linda’s almost lifeless body and Supergirl’s almost alive body merged. The result is a Supergirl who was alive and had Linda’s memories and appearance. She could only alter her appearance between Linda and Supergirl. There are three things that happen as a result of this merger. First Linda can be redeemed (we find out that she was quite a hellion). Secondly Matrix can actually experience life, with all its ups and downs. Lastly a new Earth born angel has been created. What is an Earth born angel you ask? An Earth born angel is created when one being selflessly sacrifices themselves for the salvation of another. Plus the new and improved Supergirl got additional powers like flame wing, fire vision, and the ability to teleport.

I know that I have some more Supergirls to get into; I think that I am going to save that for the next column. How is that for a cliffhanger?

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