GI Joe Frontline #6 Review

Reviewer: Jesse Baker
Story Title: Icebound Chapter Two: Early Thaw

Written by: Dan Jolley and Drew Johnson
Penciled by: Drew Johnson and Tom Feister
Cover Art: Tony Harris
Inked by: Ray Snyder
Colored by: JD Mettler
Lettered by: NA
Editor: NA
Publisher: Devils Due/Image Comics

Synopsis: The current arc continues as the GI Joe team faces off against a group of researchers who have been turned into mutant polar bears and apparently have the ability to turn other people into mutant polar bears by biting them. This of course creates a problem when the resident doctor Lifeline gets bitten by one and Airtight is forced to play baby-sitter him while the team goes after the researchers…

The Good: Great cover by Tony Harris and decent art for the story are the only good things about this comic

The Bad: Mutant polar bears? Ugh… Why not simply recycle “The Thing” with this arc given their attempt to give the story the same vibe with its location? It would at least make for more of an interesting storyline than freaking Mutant Polar Bears…

The Ugly: Airtight gets the spotlight this issue and I am quickly reminded of how lame Airtight is as a character. Why couldn’t Airtight of died in the big Operation: Desert Storm-esque arc from the old Marvel Comic instead of Doc or Quick-Kick?