Who's Who In The DCU 5.29.03


Welcome back to the zany world that is the DCU. I want to thank everyone who asked questions, even those who made me search extra hard to find the obscure answer. All that really matters is that your hunger is sated. So with no further delay.

JohnBritton asks

Who is Green Arrow? Connor? Ollie? Both?

Well in terms of the focus of the book Green Arrow is Oliver Queen. See Connor Hawke had a Green Arrow book of his own, but it was cancelled. So to the powers that be Green Arrow is Ollie. But as my trusty sidekick Ben Morse points out, when Connor asked Ollie what he should call himself Ollie replied that they both go by Green Arrow. But it’s really Ollie. (For my answer to this and all of JohnBritton’s other questions, check out this…not that Mathan needed the help ;) –Ben)

Another one from JohnBritton

Who wins in an outer space fight, Kyle at his peak (but not as Ion), or Hal at his peak (as GL only, not Spectre or Parallax)?

Dude; let’s see you have Hal who had to spend a year in space because he was spending too much time on Earth and neglecting the rest of his sector. Hal who single handedly demolished the Green Lantern Corps. Uh I’m going with Hal on this one. But Kyle’s ring has no weakness and doesn’t need to be recharged, so he has that going for him. Kyle’s only chance would be if he ran until Hal’s ring lost its charge and then struck. But I think that Hal would win in a straight up battle. Let’s not forget Hal was chosen to be GL, Kyle just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

JohnBritton again asks

Are there any super-pets still in continuity? I’ve seen a Krypto, but I think he might be a robot.

411 Fed Administrator also posted the similar

Did Superman really have a superdog?

Yeah Krypto is around. Superman traveled back to a Krypton that was all happy and shiny like the Silver Age. His pop Jor El sent him Krypto as a parting gift. Since he was from Krypton Krypto could fly and had super strength. Well it turns out that Brainiac created the whole place, so I guess that makes Krypto some highly advanced AI.
Superboy also had a Krypto, but it was just a regular mutt. A horse named Comet turned up in the late Supergirl series. That series also had a cat named Streaky, I think. But I could be making up that last part.

JohnBritton batting 1000.

What’s the deal with Impulse in the Kid Flash outfit? Has it been explained yet?

It hasn’t been revealed yet, but here is some conjecture. Something big happens to Wally West in Flash #200 that affects his secret identity. I’m guessing that after this life altering experience Bart takes up the Kid Flash mantle in homage or memory of his mentor. Time will tell.
Guess who asked the next question.

If Batman knows about Hypertime, does he care about other realities’ Gotham City?

Uh why would he? Does Bat’s care about Keystone? How about Opal? Not really. Bruce has a self appointed duty to his Gotham. That’s all. Period. Superman might feel the need to protect the planet, but not Batman. Plus do you really believe that Batman believes in Hypertime? I have a hard time believing in it.

Guess who asked the next question. Wrong! This one was emailed to me by Dave Sippel.

I really enjoy reading your column, and have a few questions for you, after having just finished reading the JSA-Return of Hawkman TPB. This version of Dinah Lance/Black Canary is the daughter of the original Black Canary, right? Wasn’t her name also Dinah Lance? And is this new Black Canary’s father anyone famous, like maybe Ollie
Queen/Green Arrow?

The current Black Canary’s father is none other than Larry Lance. Larry Lance, rest his soul, was a Gotham P.I. But the current Black Canarly is currently shagging Green Arrow, even though she did have a nice little relationship going with the new Dr. Mid-Nite. But the overrated Kevin Smith put an end to that when he began writing Green Arrow. As far as anyone knows Connor Hawke is Green Arrow’s only kid. (And because this question was missing moi…yes, the original BC was also named Dinah Lance…she was Dinah Drake Lance, the current is Dinah Laurel Lance –Ben)

Dave also asks.

Courtney/Star Spangled Kid just happened to find the cosmic belt that gives her powers? Just who is this Courtney girl anyway? And what’s her relationship to Jack and Ted Knight/Starman(s)?

Ok Courtney Whitmore’s mom married Pat Dugan, the former Stripsey. Dugan happened to have some mimentos from his time as a hero, including the cosmic converter belt that belonged to his former partner Star Spangled Kid who later became Skyman. Courtney rummaged around, found the belt, and decieded to go adventuring much to the chagrin of Dugan who reluctantly backed her up as S.T.R.I.P.E. Courtney later inherited Jack Knight’s cosmic rod when he retired from the hero biz.

411 Fed Administrator is back with another question.

What’s so good about Gotham Central?

I have never read the book. However I have read Scene of the Crime by Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark, two of the talents behind Gotham Central. It was excellent. I’m guessing that what made that mini series great makes this book great. Of course this book has an even broader appeal because it is set in the DCU and gives readers a closer more detailed look at their favorite Gotham cops. Plus Lark is an amazing artist so that book has that going for it too. And if you haven’t heard the accolades of Brubaker than you must have been in a cave for a year.

Another one from the 411 Fed Administrator.

Have they ever played the Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman love triangle card?

I personally haven’t read anything involving this alleged live triangle. Superman and Wonder Woman did kiss in Action #600. Batman and Wonder Woman shared a kiss recently in the JLA (geez she’s like the J-Lo of the DCU.) From what I hear there is more to come on the Wonder Woman-Batman front. Of course Clark is married so it kind of rules out the Superman-Wonder Woman relationship. So basically I’m going with a big fat “NO.” It has got to suck to be Superman. I mean here you are married, and no only is your best friend hooking up with like the hottest girl around, but she’s your ex. Talk about your “super” envy.

Les sent me the following question.

A friend of mine and I had a discussion about a company wide heroes and villains “DC vs. Marvel”. Now granted, it’s been done, but this time it’s just a huge battle royal and it’s to the Death. My money’s on Marvel in the long run but of course with Heavy casualties on both sides. I also don’t believe the Heavy Hitters on either side are walking out alive. I, again, just wanted your opinion on this.

I don’t really know. I do know that when Jason Torres and I play Heroclix it is usually a long battle with heavy casualties on both sides. Sometimes he wins sometimes I win. When he wins I say that it’s because Marvel has more sets out, and that their first set was loaded. When I win he complains that DC has better powers that aren’t reflected in the Marvel Universe. When it comes to comics, it’s all about who knows more about the other side. When you have brains like Banner, Richards, and Doom you have some great ideas there. DC has some bright guys, but not too many in that class. Plus if you add all of the Marvel realities into the equation you would have to put Hypertime in there, and thus DC has the edge. What holds DC back is that the universe is composed of heroes, where as Marvel has real people with powers. DC’s heroes has a code that they adhere to, Marvel characters don’t. If you get rid of that code then all bets are off. DCU hands down. I think that Green Lantern (whoever has the ring) might survive. Flash and Superman also stand a fair shot at survival. And don’t count out Batman he’s pretty resourceful. (My two cents: the DCU is just way more powerful…and Marvel’s big brains can be as crafty as they want, cuz bottom line: they’re not Batman –Ben)

Bryan sent me the following email proving that I am fallible.

Mkick at a message board posted a question as to if Batman had ever killed and was it accidental or intentional. During Knight Quest Bruce Wayne’s return to the mantle of the Bat after his backbreaking at the hands of Bane, he committed his first intentional murder. He was training with Shiva and she fooled a band of trained assassins into believing that the “Ninja” aka Bruce had killed their master. He goes on to fight each and everyone of them and when he comes to the final and most powerful assassin he kills him with what Shiva taught him called a leopard blow. Supposedly it crushes the skull. He did this in front of Robin and Nightwing, who mistakenly caught the tail end of the fight. Now there was an accidental killing in Son of the Demon the trade paperback but like I said I do believe in Knight Quest with Shiva training him again was his first intentional killing.


No Bryan, thank you. Have I ever told you, you’re my hero? (Get ready to embrace a new hero, m’boy…this “killing” was revealed not to have been a murder at all in the issue of Robin that followed. Bruce made it seem to Shiva that he had killed the ninja because it was the only way she would train him to defeat Azrael, but he deliberately hit a nerve blow that only temporarily stopped the ninja’s heart. Nightwing & Robin rushed him to the hospital afterwards. Bow down. –Ben)

On that note I will call it a week. Before I bounce here is your question for the week; what is your favorite single issue of all time, and why? If Ben leaves me any questions to answer (We’ll see…-Ben) I will be back next week with a brand new column. “Ever wonder if it’s all for you?”