Who's Who In The DCU 7.6.03

Welcome back to the DCU. I just want to say that my mom’s birthday was last week so I want to wish her a belated Happy Birthday. My mom is actually an accomplished actress. She played the horses head in the “Godfather.” The first one not the crappy third one. Well let’s start with the questions shall we?

HallsicanPsycho you have our first question

Is anyone in the DCU (or all of comics for that matter) hotter than Thunder?

Sure there are lots of folks in the DCU who are hotter than Thunder. Firebrand and Fire could both shoot flames from their bodies. In the old Legion of Super Heroes Sun Boy also had fire powers. Even though Firestorm’s head may be ablaze I don’t think his actual temperature is more than nominally above normal. Wait a minute! Did you mean, “hot” as in attractive? In that case, she aight. I’m not really big on Black women with blonde hair it irks me. But it should be noted that she’s a two-dimensional rendering of a person who doesn’t actually exist, so don’t get your hopes up too high buddy.

HallsicanPsycho, want to go again?

What happened at the end of Teen Titans? I mean, who died and how?

Nobody died at the end of the “Titans” series, although I’m sure that its dismal end tarnished some of its creator’s careers. However in the “Titans” “Young Justice” crossover miniseries “Graduation Day” two titans bit it. That book was awful. It’s intent was to set up the new “Teen Titans” and “Outsiders” series, but all it really did was put the poster girl for messed up continuity Troia/Donna Troy/Wonder Girl out of her misery. Lilith also died. What happened was a Superman robot was activated and went on a rampage. Both teams tried to stop it. The robot snapped Lilith’s neck. Donna Troy went toe-to-toe with the machine. She was about to strike the killing blow when the robot used its heat vision to puncture her heart. Indigo showed up and saved the day. Ordinarily I’d recommend buying it, but it really stunk.

LuckyLuke wants to know

Putting aside quality of writing over the years, has Aquaman ever been really popular?

“Really popular” is hard to quantify. There have been numerous times when there has been a lot of interest in the character. When Peter David launched the last Aquaman series fans were interested in his take on the character. When he lost his hand in the second issue that also generated a buzz. When David left and Erik Larsen took over fans and comic press took notice. Finally when it was announced that Aquaman would be returning from the “dead” (with a hand composed of water no less) written by DCU expatriate Rick Veitch lots of people were talking.

HallsicanPsycho, are you back for more?

Do you think they’re going to kill off Linda Park?

I suppose somewhere down the line she could be killed, but I doubt it will happen anytime soon. I’m pretty sure Zoom doesn’t kill her because I’ve read blurbs for future issues. Sorry to spoil any suspense that you may have had building but you asked the question.

Jason E you’re on the air

I have a question regarding the Hal Jordan-Spectre issue. I saw his
death in the Final Night series and saw him in the recently cancelled Spectre comics. My question is when and where did he make the transition to the Spectre?

Hal became the Spectre in the Day of Judgment miniseries. I never bothered to get the mini; I didn’t see the point at the time. It just looked like another cheesy crossover. But in the end the payoff was Hal hooking up with the Spectre.

Brian Pittenger asks

What did Zero Hour accomplish? It seemed to lack the punch they were hyping before it came out (probably because its focus was on such minor characters like Hawkman, L.E.G.I.O.N. and such)

Zero Hour wasn’t that bad. Its purpose was threefold. 1) Give new readers a perfect jumping on point for all titles. 2) Restart the Legion of Super Heroes. 3) Make Hal Jordan a bad guy for the entire DCU. It accomplished all of those. Unfortunately Hawkman was messed up, but he’s all-better now. Plus “Zero Hour” gave us “Starman” #0, and you know how I feel about Starman.

HallsicanPsycho do you have any other questions you need answered?

Who’s Thunder’s cousin Joanna and how was she mixed up with Green Arrow?

Her cousin is just a lawyer, who happens to be filing a suit financed by Ollie “Green Arrow” Queen. In the last issue the two of them flirted a bit. But knowing how Ollie is a filthy old man with wicked mojo who can’t keep his pants zipped, I’d say it is only a matter of time before those two “Rock the Kasbah.” It is all but certain.

Wait let me guess, HallsicanPsycho you have another query?

Who was in Young Justice and why did it end?

Young Justice consisted of Impulse, Robin, Superboy, Wonder Girl, Temptress, Slobo, Secret and Arrowette. It ended because DC wanted to capitalize on the forthcoming “Teen Titans” cartoon. What better way then to launch a book called “Teen Titans?” See in the cartoon the Teen Titans are composed of Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven. Well the characters in the “Teen Titans” comic book are Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Starfire, Superboy, Wonder Girl, and Kid Flash. Notice any similarities? DC hopes you do and canceled a fan favorite book based on those hopes.

HallsicanPsycho don’t be shy

What are the best Preacher and Hellblazer TPBs? Is Transmetropolitan any good?

I’m not really the Vertigo dude. I actually only read “Y the last man,” “100 Bullets.” And “Hellblazer.” Oh wait you asked about Hellblazer. Pick up any trade with the name Azzarello on it his run was good. As for “Preacher” and “Transmetropolitan” I’ve only heard good things about them. But not good enough to make me want to pick them up.

Daniel J Foery is just a confused man.

If Wonder Women can fly, why does she need an invisable airplane?

Hello? Why do women carry purses? Because they have a lot of extra stuff they keep with them like twenty different type of makeup in a variety of shades. Lip gloss, they always have lip gloss. And gum they never leave the house without gum. Have you seen Wonder Woman’s outfit? There is like zero room for pockets. A purse really isn’t practical for the modern Amazon on the go, hence the invisible plane. And she’s a single woman, so I’m sure she is constantly getting guys giving her their numbers. Where does she keep them or her cell phone for that matter? But a word of advice; if that plane’s a rocking don’t go a knocking.

Mark Boomer asks

Did they ever reveal who killed Bruce Wayne’s parents post-Crisis?

I have good news and bad news. First the bad news; nope it hasn’t been revealed. But the good news is that the new “Superman/Batman” series will shed some light on this interesting tidbit of the Bat origin.

JohnBritton, I know you have a question for me.

Batman and Detective have been running together for sixty years. Has there ever been a consistent difference in the type of story told, like Batman has superhero/adventure stories and Detective has crime/mystery stories?

Not really consistently in the past. But right now there is some real effort being made to do just as you described. Currently “Detective Comics” is doing crime and mystery stories, while “Batman” is doing the stuff that fanboys dream of.

JohnBritton, got any more?

Are some Flashes faster than others? Or are they all basically as fast as each other?

Wally West, currently the Flash, is the fastest. I’m going with Jay Garrick the original Flash next. He’s lost a step because he’s pretty old, but that experience puts him ahead of the others. Next up is Impulse, grandson of Barry Allen the second Flash. He doesn’t have too much experience, but his powers are natural. Lastly is Jesse Quick. She needs to say a formula to access the Speed Force, but since she’s been doing it longer than Impulse she is just below him.
As for those speedsters who are MIA or dead; Barry would be between Wally and Jay. Johnny Quick’s experience would put him on par with Impulse, and Max Mercury would match right up with Jesse Quick.

HallsicanPsycho, you want the honor of last question?

Who the F is Black Lightning (besides being the father of Thunder, the hottest comic book character ever)?

Oh irony. See when most people read “Outsiders” #1 they knew who Black Lightning was (after all the character has been around for over a quarter of a century) and wondered “who the F” Thunder was (she’s his full grown daughter yet she makes her first appearance in that issue.) Quite a few fans where upset, as was Black Lightning’s creator Tony Isabella. But I will give you the run down of Black Lightning.

Jefferson Pierce grew up in Suicide Slum a section of Metropolis. He drove himself to get out of the ‘hood, and became an Olympic athlete. He got his teaching degree and was living the luxurious life of a teacher. Then his mom died and he went back to the Slum. He saw how depressing it was there and decided to stay there and make a difference. But the criminal organization the 100 was running the Slum. So with the help of a tailor (who happened to live downstairs and created the costume and the belt where Pierce derived his powers from) Pierce fought the 100 as Black Lightning. Not only did he fight crime, but he was a positive role model. He was doing his thing until as a result of his actions a young girl was killed. This drove him to hang up his crime fighting duds. But Batman brought Black Lightning back to be a member of the original Outsiders. After that team disbanded Pierce set up shop in the Brick City section of Cleveland and fought some crime there. Now all the while, Pierce was still teaching school. Because of this dedication to education, Lex Luthor chose Pierce as his Secretary of Education. And that is where he is today.

Well folks that does it for me. Here is my question of the week for you; Captain Marvel vs Superman, who wins? “There’s always a siren singing you to shipwreck.”

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