Who’s Who In The DCU 7.11.03

Howdy. It is sweltering. So let’s begin.

JohnBritton asks

I vaguely remember that Wildcat has nine lives. When has he been killed, how did he get the power, and how does it work?

In the JSA, Goyer and Johns have hinted that yes Wildcat does indeed have nine lives. But they haven’t gone any farther into detail. I’m guessing that they have a story to tell. Perhaps more light will be shed when the new Crimson Avenger attempts to kill Wildcat for some trespass he committed in the past. See the new Crimson Avenger kills whoever she sets her sights on, and right now she has them trained on Ted Grant. Yeah I’m betting we should get some info on Ted’s nine lives by years end.

LuckyLuke is curious

As of right now, does Crisis have any lasting effects other than getting rid of beloved characters such as Barry Allen, Supergirl, and the Golden Age Superman?

When was the last time anyone visited Earth 2, Earth X or Earth C for that matter? It’s been awhile hasn’t it? See before the Crisis the JLA were one Earth, while the JSA were on another. The Freedom Fighters were on yet another, and Captain Marvel and his cast were on even another. Even loser heroes like the Charlton crew were given their own Earth. The DCU was actually the DC Multiverse. Because of the Crisis everything got a unified timeline of events incorporating heroes from all eh Earths. Redundant characters like the Golden Age Superman (the second to last son of Krypton?) and the adult Robin (the middle aged wonder?) were erased from existence. Other characters most notably Barry Allen, the Flash, and Supergirl sacrificed themselves so that countless others could live. Some are remembered (Barry Allen) some are forgotten (Supergirl.) So yeah when you read “FKA Justice League” remember Mary Marvel, Blue Beetle, and Captain Atom were brought to you by the letter “B,” the letter “M,” and the Crisis of Infinites Earths.

Scott Kelly what do you want to know?

Did the villain Barter ever get used outside the second Hawk and Dove series?

I thought Barter was a really cool character, which could be used in interesting ways. I haven’t seen him used outside of that series, but when I write my book for DC you better believe he will be appearing in some capacity. So if you really want to see Barter again urge DC to give me a title to write.

JohnBritton wants to know

What happened between Oracle and Power Girl? It’s referenced again in BOP Secret Files this week and I swear I’ve read every appearance of BOP, and I just don’t remember it. I remember Power Girl in a Dixon issue of BOP, but I think they were already mad at each other then. So what happened? And in what issue?

Y’know JohnBritton I don’t think that the tale has ever been told. It think that it’s one of those tales that Dixon had in his head to tell, but never got around to telling it. Kind of like how Marv Wolfman has the way to bring Barry Allen back to life, so to speak. But since they are referencing the riff between Oracle and Power Girl, I’m betting that the tale will be told sooner rather than later.

JohnBritton got another?

Don’t Bruce Wayne’s lovers ask him about all the scars and bruises? He must be a mess by now.

One of the few good things to come out of the “Hush” storyline is that it added Bruce Wayne’s terrible car crash to Bat continuity. The accident was so bad that a specialist had to be called in. Bruce can use this accident to account for some of his scars. In the past he’s had other car accidents, skiing mishaps and what not. But if she’s in bed with Wayne do you really think she’s going to be asking a lot of questions? Personally I think that Bruce is the “lights off curtains closed” type of guy.

JohnBritton you got a question or a topic for me?

How about the old Earth-2? Is it in Hypertime somewhere?

Ah Hypertime, undoing Crisis kind of. Hypertime is like the nexus of all realities. So that every comic book published by DC actually happened. Concievebly Dark Claw (from the Almagam universe) could team up with Superman (from the Tangent universe) and the Doctor (from the Wildstorm universe) and Icon (from the Milestone universe) to battle the Time Trapper (from the Pre Crisis DCU.) So yes somewhere in Hypertime the old Earth 2 does exist, but I doubt we’ll ever see it. For the most part Hypertime has been used to revisit the Kingdom Come characters, and show alternative versions of established concepts (Flash and Titans.) Superboy went journeying into Hypertime in his canceled book. Since there are rumblings of Static joining the Teen Titans I expect the next foray into Hypertime to take place in that book.

JohnBritton wonders

I read BATO/AOTO/The Outsiders, and loved the latest Outsiders book, but wasn’t there a series in between? Who was in it, and what was it like? I was out of comics for a few years back then (shame on me) and have never picked up a copy of it. Was the Eradicator involved with them? For some reason that’s ringing a bell.

The Outsiders that you are thinking of was the second team to use that name. It consisted of Faust, Looker, Katana, Halo, Geo Force, Technocrat, and Wylde. The Eradicator joined the team shortly after the book debuted in 1993.

HallsicanPsycho wants to know

What happened to the four Superman imposters that emerged after his death?

Ouch. “Imposters” is kind of harsh. I’m pretty sure that only the Eradicator and the Cyborg actually tried to say they were Superman knowing otherwise. Superboy believed he was a clone… Steel never pretended to be anything other than a guy who was inspired by Superman. Here is what happened:

Cyborg turned out to be a bad guy. He is one of Superman’s vilest villains to this day.
The Eradicator hooked up with a human host and had a miniseries. He was even a member of the Outsiders.
Steel had his own book and was a member of the JLA. He has since retired from the hero game and his niece has taken up the mantle.
Superboy had is own book, was in Young Justice, will be in the new Teen Titans book, and even had a date with Batgirl.

JohnBritton ponders

Does the world know that Bruce Wayne’s adopted son is a cop in Bludhaven? I would think that would draw a lot of attention. I’d also imagine he’d get teased by the other cops for being a rich boy.

While it’s a matter of public record, it isn’t widely known. They touched on the topic during the whole “Bruce Wayne: Murderer” arc. I have to disagree with the part about the teasing though. I’d imagine that it’d go down like this.

Cop: Hey Grayson, you must have had a hard time in that big mansion of yours.
Grayson: Not really but I’d trade it all for just one more day with my parents who I watched fall to their death before I hit puberty.
At least that’s how I imagine it’d go.

JohnBritton, you got a racy question for me?

Who’s out in the DCU? Maggie Sawyer? Renee Montoya? Pied Piper? Kyle’s assistant?

Maggie Sawyer and Renee Montoya have a lot in common. Both are cops on the GCPD and both are lesbians. Green Lantern Kyle Rayner has a gay assistant Terry. Flash pal Pied Piper is gay as well. Extrano from the New Guardians is out in the open and Mikaal from Starman is too.

Now you know who needs to come out? Valor. Everyone knows that Daxam is like the San Francisco of the galaxy. I can understand why he didn’t come out in the 20th century, but now that he’s in the 31st he needs to give up the straight act. Times have changed man.

JohnBritton needs to know

What are the best Zsasz stories? I read a great one from No Man’s Land recently, and wondered if he had been handled well elsewhere.

You want at great Zsasz story pick up Batman Shadow of the Bat 1-4. Great story, and great art. Norm Breyfogle is like my personal favorite Batman artist.

John Pascoe has a question

A quick question. I am just recently getting back into the comic book world. I did pick up “Quiver” and in reading the 6/20 Who’s Who in the DCU you stated Judd Winick is now writing the Green Arrow series. My question is, is this the same Judd from the Real World??? If so, I have never met a more pompus asshole. He came to my college years back doing one of the speaking tours after the death of Pedro. I worked with the student government and that prick had a tour “rider”. I drove all over the town my college was in looking for Diet Rasperry Snapple Iced Tea because he stated if that was not given to him before he went on he would leave immediately. Thanks for the heads up because if it is “Real World” Judd I will make sure to steer clear of the GA series.

Yeah they are one and the same. I too have met the guy, and he seemed like a class act to me. And can you deny that Snapple really quenches the thirst? I mean if I could I would also request Snapple everywhere I went. And if you let a little thing like that stop you from reading what is a good story in Green Arrow, then no words that I type will change your mind so I won’t bother.

Well that does it for another week. The first ever Reader’s Response Edition is rapidly approaching. It will include the answers to the questions that I posed to you, and other fun things. So be sure to keep those replies and questions coming. This weeks question for you; if you could have one super power what would it be and why? “You can do anything if you if you put your mind to it.”

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