Who’s Who In The DCU: 8.22.03

Hey you guys! What is going on? As usual Mike Z got the music quote. Suffice it say at this point I am only writing this column so that I can put a quote at the end in an attempt to stump him. Not that I don’t love answering questions, but this guy has some broad musical taste. Bravo to you sir. By the way everyone be nice to Daron, who has gone back to classes this week. Oh yeah, JohnBritton I was going to answer your questions on DCU movies, but I decided to actually write a complete column about it. Look for it in the future.

As usual Mike Z you get the first question.

Is Lyta Hall still alive?

Yes. Next question.
(Mike Z gives a look of scorn)
Oh, you wanted a more detailed answer. It’s cool, I’ve got you. But be more careful about asking yes or no questions in the future.
You know Lyta gave birth to Hector’s son, some kid named Daniel. Well Daniel later became the Sandman. After that Lyta got caught up in the plan of a Greek God. This was detailed in “The Furies’ hardcover, but be warned it’s a Vertigo book. According that book she’s alive, and not in the dream dimension anymore. So she could conceivably bump into Hector at some point in the future.

Angelo Theo writes:

I’m currently reading the TPB of OUR WORLDS AT WAR and I was wondering if you could give me a casualty list and who actually stayed dead.

Well here is your list of the deceased; Steel, Strange Visitor, Jonathan Kent, Maxima, Impulse, Mongul, Guy Gardner, Massacre, Aguaman, Sam Lane (Lois’ pop), and Hippolyta (along with lots of other Amazons.) The good news is that Steel, Jonathan, Impulse, Guy and Aquaman have all gotten over their bout with death. On an unrelated note Daron likes his peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to have their crust cut off.

What?!? – (The affore mentioned, Daron)

RC you got a deep question for me?

Question is about Batman and CRISIS. I know Superman got rebooted but Batman was only tweaked to an extent. As Batman knew his villains and Dick still used to be Robin, etc. But how after Year One did they inform fans what was changed and not? Seems like it was “if it’s changed will tell you”. Did Bruce and Dick split up the way they did pre-Crisis? That kind of thing.

Yeah Superman had an actual reboot and Batman got tweaked. With Superman it was a matter of which stories (if any) still worked. With Batman it was about the few stories that no longer worked. Batman Year One provided the background about an early time in his career. Basically they used Crisis to color in details about Batman’s past. Not too many stories were thrown out. World’s Finest tales were basically all thrown out. Many team ups that Batman had were tossed out. Brave and the Bold issues are debatable because as shown in “The Power Company” some of them did happen. But you assessment of the situation is basically right.

Scott Kelly wants to know;

Is Waverider still around?

Y’know the last time I saw that cat he was hanging with that Linear Men crew. Let me tell you those guys are bad business. Whenever I see them I have to cross over to the other side of the time stream because I don’t want any hassles. It’s really better to just avoid the whole confrontation. Oh yeah, I hear that while Daron’s major is Overlording, his minor is in kitten petting. But that’s just what I hear.

What have you got against kittens?

Does anyone have a Hal Jordan question? Ed Obrien?

Can you tell me when the whole “Hal Jordan goes crazy and kills everyone” story happened, in what comics, and if it’s collected anywhere? Any info would be much appreciated.

Jeff adds;

Can I get a list of the tpbs dealing with the Hal Jordan transition from GL to Spectre? (i.e. when he started to become Parallax and on).

Well you should start with the “Emerald Twilight” storyline, where Hal lost his marbles. Then go over to “Zero Hour” where Hal tried to fix everything. After that I would venture to “Final Night” where Hal makes the ultimate sacrifice. Finally check out “Day of Judgement” for some more Hal goodness. This just in; Daron has received a gold star for his achievement in writing his name in cursive.

Me thinks I may have to start kicking some @$$!

Thomas Deja points out;

Mathan, you REALLY have to do your research better:
Maggie Saywer is the head of the MSCU (Metropolis Special Crimes Unit), and is not affiliated in any way with the GCPD.

Brian Fowler, do you have a related question?

When and how did Maggie Sawyer wind up working for the GCPD, and not the S.C.U. in Metroplis?

Well she replaced Harvey Bullock as Gotham’s Major Crime Unit Shift Commander. Sure, it was a demotion but now she’s back on the streets. Her first day with the GCPD took place in Detective Comics #764.

Chris Teel has a question that needs some answerin’;

In the JLA story where that General took over the Shaggy Man’s body, there was a squad of Army super humans. At the end of the story, they founded a floating city. Did anything ever come of that, or did it just get forgotten?

Well Chris I scoured the net looking for an answer. Superbia is the floating city founded by the Ultramarines. As near as I could tell is hasn’t been used since. If it has been used it hasn’t been in any comic that I read. But how could a concept like a Superbia filled with Ultramarines not be used again?

You got another for me Chris?

Why does DC suck so bad at releasing Hellblazer trades?

I’ve got to believe that it’s about supply and demand. The relevance of stories in question would lead to more demand therefore it would be supplied. Take the following example; I would love to read the “Untold Legend of Batman” three-issue mini series in trade paperback form. Being that it deals with a pre Crisis Batman it has certainly been out of print for many years. However I am in the minority. Whereas another three issue mini series “Graduation Day” (which served as the springboard for both the new Teen Titan and Outsiders series) is being collected very shortly. That is because the demand is very high, and the mini is very relevant. Good new is around the corner for you. A new Hellblazer trade should be in stores on October 8th. Keep your eyes peeled.

Hm, does anyone who shares their initials with a delicious candy have a question, Mike Maillaro perhaps?

I have one hell of a question. My girlfriend and I are both Batman fans, so I have been putting together a back issue collection. Right now I have every issue of Batman and Detective back to 1991. Recently, I finished getting all the Knightsfall, Knightsquest, and Knightsend issues. Now I would like to turn my attention to No Man’s Land. Any chance you know where I can find a complete checklist for No Man’s Land? I already have the five trades, but I am a completist.

Dude that is one hell of a question. And I’m lazy so here’s link.

Mike Z want to go again?

When did Alan Scott get re-aged? (I never understood the hatred for what Ron Marz did to Hal until he de-aged Alan and gave him a new costume) Is he considered to be “The” Green Lantern again? Or can He and Kyle co-exist like Wally and Jay do?

Dude I just had the most surreal experience ever. I know Alan got re-aged when he battled the evil of the Starheart in the Green Lantern miniseries “Heart Of Darkness.” But I was still researching just to be sure. So I go to Google and type “Green Lantern Heart of Darkness.” As I’m sifting through the hits I see one that perfectly matches what I’m looking for; it’s from my second column. I supplied my own answer. Right about now I don’t know if I should feel flattered or like a moron (it doesn’t help that it’s 6:15am.)

Back to your question Marz wanted to make Kyle more unique, which meant doing away with every other Green Lantern. Alan Scott got youthified and a name change so that Kyle could be “the one and only Green Lantern.” Finally nearly a decade after the debacle DC has loosened it’s “Kyle is the one and only” stance with both John Stewart and Alan Scott as active Green Lanterns. DC is big on legacy right now, so I see much coexisting going on.

Mike Z, are you satifified?

I’d hoped for a bit more background on Ragdoll, as Starman #11 was what had piqued my interest.

Ouch, geez. Here you go. Peter Merkel was a contornitionist and “eccentric dancer” for a carnival that went belly up around 1942. Desperate for money he snuck into a department store disguised as a giant doll in an odd pose. When the lights went out he robbed the place blind. Flush from the success he embarked on a career of crime At one point he even mailed himself to a wealthy woman’s mansion in order to rob her. Of course he ran afoul with the Flash. His MO was pretending to be a doll, then when no one was around he made off with the goods. Then he met James Robinson, who made him a formidable foe.

Well I’m going to bed. I was severely disappointed that I only received one response to last week’s question for you. Feel free to send me your feelings on last week’s topic this week. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t have homework this week. This week’s question is; how did you feel about the Dark Knight Strikes Again? What’s in store for next week? The return of JohnBritton, Lar Gand vs Superman’s cousin, functional GL rings, Ragman, the return of Hallsy, and of course whatever questions you send me or post on the message board.

“I want something good to die for, to make it beautiful to live.”

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