Counterfeit Pennies 10.02.03



On Saturday, October 11, 2003, WHRW Binghamton 90.5 FM is proud to present the return of the Counterfeit Pennies Radio Show, as well as the Wrestle Radio Reunion Special!

It’s all part of Binghamton University’s Alumni Weekend, and you can listen live to all Alumni Radio programming by logging on to WHRW’s official Web site at

This marks my first return to the WHRW airwaves since November 22, 2001, and I can’t wait to metamorphosize into my on-air alter-ego, Chris, the Radiobiscuit, one more time.

The Counterfeit Pennies Radio Show will air worldwide from 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time). From cartoon themes to all sorts of on-air schemes, The Counterfeit Pennies Show was the first officially recognized Radio Theatre show, a department that has grown by leaps and bounds since being founded in the spring of 2001.

While you never can be quite sure of what to expect when Chris, the Radiobiscuit takes over the mic, and one can only imagine the types of random recordings he/I will find in the huge WHRW vinyl library. Nothing is off limits here, including Monty Python skits, Medical Dictation and the 1950s smash record: The Official Guide to Homemaking. You can also expect some tracks by favorites like Collider, They Might Be Giants, Wally Pleasant, Weird Al Yankovic and much, much more!

From 5:00-6:00 pm, Wrestle Radio returns to the airwaves to piledrive your mind through the Spanish announcer’s table!

Joining the in-studio cast will be the original Wrestle Radio panel:

Chris, the Radiobiscuit – Founder and original Host
Andy Mac – Original Panelist and former Host
The A-Man – Original Panelist
Craig T. Nelson – Original Panelist and star of “Coach” and “The Disrict”
El Tribe Loco – Original Panelist, current Host and Lucha Libre Specialist

Also stopping by as a special in-studio Guest Panelist will be fellow Binghamton Alumnus DJ Scooter, and God knows what else will happen! In addition, if you would like to learn more about Wrestle Radio or Counterfeit Pennies, you can visit my Web site at

So mark your calendars for Saturday, October 11, 2003, and join us for Alumni Radio. The Alumni Radio Power Block is as follows:

2:00 pm: Till My Head Falls Off with DJ Scooter
3:00 pm: The Counterfeit Pennies Radio Show with Chris, the Radiobiscuit
4:00 pm: Classical Chaos with the A-Man
5:00 pm: The Wrestle Radio Reunion Special
6:00 pm: Rubbin’ Junk with Andy Mac

And much, much more!

It’s free format radio at its best, only on WHRW Binghamton 90.5 FM.

That’s all for now Peace. Love. Moe and Paul.

Chris, “the Radiobiscuit” Biscuiti


A pro wrestler sighting amidst the pop culture landscape

Our beloved DDP was spotted during E! Entertainment’s pre-Emmy’s coverage. Now, when I say pre-Emmy’s coverage, I am not talking about an hour before the show kicked off.

I happened to be watching E! at around 2:00 pm on Emmy day when a segment aired entitled, Straight Eye for the Queer Guy. This was E!’s cute and awfully cheesy attempt to parody the Bravo hit, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, where five openly gay men search for an unkempt straight man to make over.

The participants in the segment were DDP and John Salley, co-host of The Dumbest Damn Sports Show – and Tackiest Use of an Ellipsis since the movie Big Girls Don’t Cry They Get Even – Period! The subject of the queer-to-straight makeover was none other than the effeminate and annoying Bobby Trendy of the Anna Nicole Show.

During the segment, DDP and John Salley basically spent a few minutes transforming Trendy’s wardrobe and living room into a typical football fan’s haven. DDP didn’t say much throughout the segment, proving that he still has to work on those mic skills, and man, is he pock-marked or what?

Ultimately, this was the biggest waste of five minutes in my entire life, and so to make up for it I spent the next hour engaged in some high stakes playoff games of Tecmo Super Bowl for Nintendo. On a related note, f*ck you B.J. Tolliver and the 1991 Chargers.


Chris Biscuiti presents WWE Musings

Here are some passing thoughts I have wanted to include in recent columns, but never quite had the time to do so. This is a chance for me to include all of the issues I have wanted to discuss without writing another ten pages for you to sort through, and I also hope that some of these passing thoughts will spark some discussions over email.

Remember, if you have anything to say about this column or comments about my thoughts on wrestling or popular culture, feel free to email me at by clicking on the feedback link below.

Passing Thoughts:

On Scott Steiner’s heel-turn: In this age of ultra-shock television, I wouldn’t be surprised if Scott Steiner and Test gang-raped Stacey in the next phase of this storyline.

On RVD’s IC belt win: Something tells me that RVD’s IC belt win over Christian was to appease both RVD and his legions of fans, without actually doing anything about the problems RVD publicly discussed recently. WWE certainly threw RVD a bone this past Monday night, but it’s not like he will be elevated to the World title picture anytime soon. Many fans believe RVD would be a deserving World Champion, which is precisely why he’ll never get the chance to step across what I have now deemed the HHH Threshold.

On the Raw Women’s Division: Trish Stratus, Lita, Molly Holly, Victoria and even Gail Kim have really stepped up their game recently, and it was clearly evident that the Match of the Night two weeks ago on Raw was their tag team match. That is the first time I have ever truly got into a women’s match, not because of T & A or cheap gimmicks, but because of a well-crafted storyline that started with Trish getting the shit kicked out of her and culminated with Lita’s timely return. Molly gets all the credit in the world for being the most consistent WWE Diva, and they all deserve kudos for making the crowd appreciate them for their wrestling abilities.

On Shaniqua: Screw the Bashams, put her on Raw where the women’s division is starting to heat up. Perhaps have Vince introduce her as The REAL Linda Miles, and have her start an interracial affair with Brock Lesnar Okay, maybe not.

On Stephanie vs. Vince at Unforgiven: At least it’s not Cole against Mark Lloyd for the Smackdown! announcer’s spot.

And finally

On Kermit the Frog co-hosting Jimmy Kimmel: Nothing is funnier than a frog puppet talking about porn.


The Tailgate Party: A sonnet

He rises to greet the brisk morning breeze,
absorbing purposeful whispers and hums
which reside in forceful neighboring trees
and seep through his body from thumb to thumb.

He lives in Jets Country, where seasons end
before they have any chance to begin.
Yet he has a will that will never bend
as if he’s bound to family tradition.

Today, however, he’ll enjoy the perk
that comes with possessing season passes.
On this Sunday, the only gods who lurk
are the green and white face-painted masses.

He’ll join with crowds at the parking lot gates,
and party as if he’s with lifelong mates.

That’s all for now PEACE.

-Chris Biscuiti

Chris Biscuiti writes for He thinks that Donovan McNabb is a very good NFL quarterback, and would take him any day over Vinny Testaverde.

CB is an Editor for Pulse Wrestling and an original member of the Inside Pulse writing team covering the spectrum of pop culture including pro wrestling, sports, movies, music, radio and television.