The Weekend Hotline: 10.11.03


Hello and welcome back to the Weekend Hotline. The column that can strip out and the open and no one would know because no one’s looking. We’re here this week after sleeping in till noon on the first weekend in recent memory.

Now, I like traveling as much as the next, but I don’t know that I’ve been home a weekend since the end of August, and it was kind of nice to finally catch up on some much needed sleep. And, since I’m trying to actual become dependable with this column, I decided to get up and write it.

So, let’s do it.

The Week in Wrestling

I was going take a stab at doing this section even though I didn’t watch any of the shows this week. Monday, I was watching the NLDS, which stayed exciting right through the end, which left me about a half hour to watch wrestling which I did.

So, I got to see the fabulousness that was Mark Henry vs Goldberg which I expected to be the WCW type Goldberg match. You know, come in two or three moves spear, jackhammer out. What I saw was an ending which was probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen, as they won’t even give Goldie a clean win over Mark f’n Henry. I mean, sure, he got the spear and jackhammer after the bell but come the f*ck on. It’s Mark Henry. I don’t think it’s the best business decision to use your World Champion to get the bottom of the card over. That’s what the tag titles (hello, he’s hanging out with Rodney Mack) and the IC title. The tag division needs help they have a ready made tag team here with a great mouthpiece of a manager. Can’t they use him for that?

No, instead we have to use Goldberg. That makes sense.

On Smackdown I also see that they have already demoted Ultimo Dragon to cruiserweight jobber. That’s just fantastic.

I also see that Chuck Palumbo lost to the Undertaker in a two minute match. I wonder if they even try anymore. The FBI is already done.

The McMahon’s Like to Wrassle

A story that ran over the weekend in the Freelance Star out of Fredricksburg, VA had an interview with Stephanie McMahon yesterday.

I would go into in detail, but the whole thing is kind of stupid and basically boils down to the fact that Stephanie and the other McMahons just love to be in the ring and, since it’s their company, there’s nothing we can do about it. She mostly discusses how difficult it is to separate the show from what is real. I mean, she’s going to be in the ring with her own father after all and she has to try and kick his ass.

This match is going to be so awful. I mean, at least Shane vs Vince was entertaining but that was primarily on Shane’s back because people love him and he’s willing to do insane things for the match. Steph is well, Steph. The couple matches she’s been in have been awful.

I am holding out hope that this match is going to primarily be to introduce a new superstar or maybe someone from Raw onto Smackdown. If it’s not, that’s just depressing it’s depressing in the same vein that King/JR vs Snow/Coach. But, then again that match was serious, so whatever.

Hogan and TNA

The Tennesseean reports that Hulk Hogan hasn’t yet signed with NWA, but he is “thiiiiiiiiiiis close” (give or take a few i’s) from doing so.

Now, I’ve already read the shit all over the net about how much this sucks and how bad Hogan is and blah blah blah f*ckin blah.


Does anyone realize that the Jarrett’s are trying to run a business here? A business that is trying to get a regular television deal that doesn’t rely on people spending 40 bones a month for the viewing privilege? Well, folks, selling a three year contract on the television appeal of Jeff Jarrett and D’Lo Brown just ain’t gonna happen. We’re talking about getting a television offer with zero star power and a stigma of having all the people that weren’t good enough to make it in the WWE. We had something like that two or three years ago the XFL. Remember how that did?

Hogan is a means to an end. That end being to score a weekly television slot that isn’t on Pay Per View. Hogan has star power. Hogan is a point to sell on. Give them a break. People seem to forget that running a wrestling show isn’t primarily about satisfying the fans. It’s making money. Hogan will make them money . And if he DOESN’T make them money, he can buy a television contract seven time before Jeff Jarrett and Raven get a look.

So get over it and enjoy the ride.

Ric Flair News

Ric Flair has a new DVD coming out soon, the cover is posted on Amazon. This would be a DVD probably worth looking at, presuming the WWF doesn’t completely ignore, you know, the WCW years.

I also find it somewhat amusing that one of the matches regarded as one of Flair’s best was already included on a DVD for HHH which was one of the more retarded things I’ve ever seen. “Wait, no one will buy this DVD, let’s put on a Flair match to increase sales.” Smart business decision, I guess.

In other reading

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In Conclusion

That about does it for me I’m ready to get out and do something on probably the last nice weekend we’ll have up in these parts.

Seeya next week.