Green Arrow #33 Review

Reviewer: John Babos
Story Title: Antiques Roadshow

Written by: Scott Beatty
Penciled by: Shawn Martinbrough
Inked by: Mark McKenna
Colored and Separated by: Guy Major
Lettered by: Willie Schubert
Assistant Editor: Nachie Castro
Editor: Bob Schreck
Publisher: DC Comics

Scott Beatty has been one of the best writers on the current run of Green Arrow…. and he’s only written one other issue. Next to Brad Meltzer, Beatty’s previous one-shot fill-in issue has been my favourite. It was marked by strong characterization, which is again evident in Beatty’s current fill-in issue, Green Arrow #33.

The story revolves around Green Arrow’s (GA) old Arrowcar and is interspersed with reconciliations with fellow heroes. It appears someone is selling one of GA’s old Arrowcars on DC’s eBay-equivalent. Oliver Queen, GA’s alter ego, wants this piece of his past back.

As he goes about trying to win the online auction, he also travels to the JLA Watchtower to retrieve an Arrowcar related item. As he does this, he encounters Superman and they talk about GA’s death way back in 1995’s Green Arrow #101 – Superman was present when GA seemingly blew himself up in a plane to spare the lives of millions.

The Arrowcar / eBay plot has an interesting and humorous payoff, complimented well with the issue’s very human moments—GA relating with his mortality through discussion with Superman, and looking back fondly on his early crime-fighting / Arrowcar “joyriding” days with his young ward Speedy (a.k.a. Roy Harper, now the Outsiders‘ grown-up hero Arsenal).

I saw myself in Oliver’s current ward, Mia Dearden, in her attempts to win the eBay-like auction… i.e. last minute bidding, monitoring, bidding again, etc. The experience rang very true.

Oh, did I mention GA and Starro the Conqueror have a throw down – sorta.

The pencils by Shawn Martinbrough worked well with Beatty’s tale. Although Martinbrough got the “look” of the Green Arrow #101 flashback wrong, i.e. GA had a different mask and the green and brown costume, and Superman had a mullet hair cut, the issue is still infused with vibrant pencils. I hope to see more of his work.

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