Saturday Evening Post 01.03.04


Happy New Year! I’m Flea and Widro told me his New Year’s Resolution was to
give up sex with Black Men!! Hope he can stick to it! As mentioned last week (I
think), today’s report is pretty much devoid of any wrestling news, but will
focus of The IWC 100, which was made available 1.1.04 and something you should
have already checked out and analyzed. If you haven’t – it’s right here.
A couple of quick items and then on with the show…

Judging for the IWC 100 Summer Edition 2K4 starts immediately and it looks
like someone is wanting to drop out of the Top 10…

The McMahon family (Vince, Linda, Stephanie and HHH) spent the New
Years’ holiday at their vacation home in Florida. Smackdown, as usual, was put
together by the production staff, who it should be noted did not get a holiday
vacation in Florida. It’s good to be the king/queen. 

 – Dave Scherer,, 1.3.04 

Now see? Why did Scherer feel the need to add the part about the production
staff? I think he honestly believes that the McMahon’s are running some kind of
sweatshop. Do you think that the writers for 1wrestling received a Christmas
bonus? And if they did, who would I be to judge if what was given was fair/
unfair. Unreal.

Also, don’t forget to play in The Wrestling
Dead Pool!
. The New Year means a fresh start waiting for the other shoe to
drop (dead), except this time, a CASH PRIZE awaits the lucky prognosticator! and
please – give me seven names. Incomplete lists will be incinerated. 

And Another Thing (hawr!) – if, for whatever reason, you do not see this on
411 by Saturday Evening, it’s always available in the Flashback Section at Just so you know.

Next Week – More one Kurt Angle and a back to abnormal news report. This week
– it’s all about FLEA

Let’s get to it!

TOP (and only) STORY

It’s time once again for the IWC 100! The New Year’s Day 2K4 list is at so go check it out…This year, I have Rules and Guidelines to
give a general idea to what I look for when compiling the IWC lists, which
should, I hope, make things a little more clear instead of viciously vague like
most of the stuff I do and type. So here you go…




The IWC 100 Lists will be judged based
on the following criteria…


A new list is published twice a year –
New Year’s Day (judged from July 1st – December 15) and The Fourth of July
(judged from January 1st through June 15th). Additional commentary to the names
on the list will appear the following week.

The main purpose of this list is to
recognize the Top Writers / Members of the Internet Wrestling Community and to
promote their writing / sites to new readers. 

Any feedback can be sent to : RYDERFAKIN@YAHOO.COM 


It does absolutely no good to write a
column or recap if no one reads you. That being said, Influence is a double
edged sword. Most of the Top 30 are whom a majority of the people in the IWC
consider to be the "heavy hitters" – i.e. those who are read on a
daily / weekly basis whose opinions are held in high regard, or at least debated
/ used as a basis for topics written by other writers.

Placement on the list then falls into
two different categories – 1) was what was written / reported accurate and 2)
when providing opinions (especially in the case of re-cappers), the writer’s
opinions are shaped, of course, by personal feelings – but do their personal
feelings overshadow the actual topics to the point that said
"influence" is disregarded as either grandstanding or sour grapes?
It’s a fine line to walk and when the top of the list is formulated, the
inaccuracies will stick out like a sore thumb and personal gripes become more
intrusive than the normal "bitch and moan" web writer complaining. The
ability to accurately convey a mixture of personal views while maintaining a
semblance of objectivity / looking at the big picture is what separates a Top 30
from a 50-80.

While it’s true that a writer at a
smaller (or even their own) site may be better than someone who writes for one
of the several sites that draw a large number of readers, the Influence portion
of the list weighs heavily against them. As mentioned above, you could be the
best writer in the IWC but if no one knows who you are, you simply cannot be
considered "Influential". That’s not saying that everyone should
aspire to be a columnist for 1wrestling, The Torch or – one
of the main purposes of the IWC 100 list is to publicize (draw attention to) the
really good writers who, for whatever reason, are only known to a select few. I
read just about everyone, but if you, or someone you know are NOT on the list,
but feel that you (or they) should be, drop me a line –
From the response to The Summer List, I have found a half dozen new writers that
are great, but somehow managed to fly below the radar.

With that being said, there are many
"high profile" writers that do not cut the mustard for top notch
opinion / recap columns. This brings into play


Naturally, this is my list and I am the
final judge of what is good or bad. However, I think after close to 10 years of
reading IWC columns / recaps, I’m a pretty good at weeding out great – good
– passable – lousy – not fit for posting material. "Quality" as
opposed to the Influence category, is 100% a matter of opinion, my opinion, but
I attempt to stay as objective as possible. As a matter of basis for this and
future lists, I am strongly biased against:

Satire / Parody – I despise satires
and parodies, as most people who attempt to be funny and / or knee-slapping
ironic, usually fail. Included in this are cartoons, fantasy booking, the
allegedly clever re-working of wrestler names and most importantly – bragging
to everyone online about how funny your particular satire or parody is. But as a
matter of objectivity, if the Quality of said Satire or Parody is top notch, I
would not exclude someone solely on the basis of something I do not like – but
the bottom line is I will not rate that person as high as someone who, for
example, does a straight, detailed, opinion and wisecracks kept to a minimum
show recap.

The IWC Trilogy of Column Death –
nearly EVERYONE in the IWC has read, or writes themselves, these types of
columns. The IWC Trilogy of Column Death are as follows – Random Thoughts, Top
10 (or whatever number) Lists and columns that are filled / based around an
inordinate amount of Reader Feedback. Each of these, no matter how much someone
begs to differ, are lazy and redundant and most of the time not worthwhile to
read. I should point out that many people who I consider "friends" in
the IWC do these types of columns, but this list is not based on friendship –
as mentioned above, I attempt to maintain as much objectivity as possible. As
these style columns are the bread and butter to many writers of the IWC, it
wouldn’t be much of a Top 100 list if I chose to totally exclude based on my
personal feelings. Like Satire / Parody, the Quality of these columns is what I
look at, opposed to wondering when a talented writer will adopt a different
style of providing his or her opinion.

Columns That Are Written For The Sole
Purpose of Flamebaiting – I’m sure many of you have read these. This goes
hand in hand with the third leg of the IWC Trilogy of Column Death – The
"Reader Feedback Columns". For example, IWC Writer will write a column
for no reason other than a vile attempt to draw response, hoping the reader will
run to their keyboard to type out a blind-with-rage retort. Then, the writer
will post a "look at the mail I get and watch me base an entire column
around my mail" follow-up column – it is something that plagues the IWC, as
it is 100% garbage. The flip side of that is the sucker that chose to respond
will now brag to everyone that he "had material published" in the
aforementioned IWC "writers" column causing more people to write and
on and on and on… It’s a vicious circle and something, as far as I’m
concerned, should be eliminated. Therefore, with the exception for a select few
who are established enough to maintain a high level of Quality, columns of this
nature are not under consideration for this, or any future IWC 100 list.

Other than the three items listed
above, everything else is pretty much fair game. Usually it boils down to one of
the following two categories –

The Recap – 

The quality of recaps can vary – 
Did I learn what happened on the show / tape? Was it presented in a fashion that
did not take away from what happened on the show tape? And if so, it had better
be damned worthwhile to read. For a matter of reference, the Top Re-cappers of
the "modern" IWC (the word "modern" sounds cheesy, but many
of you probably would not know names like Petrie, Postlethwaite or Kunze) are
CRZ, Scott Keith, Chris Hyatte, and Dean Rasmussen. Each have their own style
and each, for better or worse, influence most of the IWC recaps you read. The
people on this list for "re-capping" have, for the most part,
developed a style of their own, whether it be a detailed show report or a
running stream of consciousness. I prefer the former, as most people that
attempt to deviate usually resort to lame attempts at humor, which, while not on
the same level as an overt satire / parody, can sink to that level, and at
times, one or two steps below. Overall, if the Quality is there, I’m willing
to overlook the bad, but lousy recaps and lack of quality seem to go hand in

The Opinion Column –

When Opinion Columns are done properly,
they have the potential to be the finest of anything written in the IWC –
expressing / promoting a certain view on a topics (or topics) while maintaining
a format and style that does not resort to "Random Thoughts". The
Quality basis for this type of column is simple – did it have a point and did
it make sense. Whether I agree with what was written is not the issue, nor, in
most cases, the style of writing. Not everyone is a great writer, but many
people, if the content and points are made in a reasonably coherent fashion, can
write great. A majority of the really bad columns I see are posted by people who
are not very good writers to begin with and, in a horrid attempt to be a great
writer, use big words or beat a point into the ground while missing the bigger
picture – you want people to agree or disagree with what it written, instead
of clicking the "back" button 1/3 of the way through because nothing
has been presented to keep the reader interested. The ability to entice the
reader to think (without resorting to the above mentioned
"flamebaiting") is what, by and large, separates the Top 100 from

The are also places on the IWC 100 list
for "special categories" – these are reserved for IWC members who
Moderate the more popular message boards (and keep in line the people who are
bastard children of / wannabe "flamebaiters"), a select few who handle
"newsline" duty, people who have written extraordinary columns /
reviews that couldn’t be specifically classified and columns by REAL wrestlers
/ people in the business.

The latter is another can of worms, as
the Quality and Influence of people in the wrestling industry, who, by default *
are * members of the IWC can vary as much as columns written by Joe Web Writer.
Two that stood out last year were the Vince Russo and "Willie The
Worker" columns (very good). The bad ones (Tom Zenk, Tom Zenk, Tom Zenk and
Hugh Morrus (who once wrote the single WORST column I ever read) will never make
the list. In between, many wrestlers these days have great sites of their own,
or columns on their employer’s websites. If you have never surfed around, I
highly recommend doing so. As with any "regular" IWC writer, if you
think a specific Wrestler that is not on this list should be, please drop me a
line. I have my standard choices as to who is good and who is bad (and have
found several new very good ones over the last year), but there are probably
several wrestlers out there writing great "blog" type columns that
would be under consideration for the next list.

That covers Influence and Quality – 
the next category, with a few exceptions, holds a TON of weight


Liking / Not liking something due to my
own personal taste is one thing, but not much will have a more detrimental
effect on the IWC writer’s placement than Dependability (or lack thereof).
There is nothing worse than to enjoy (and even look forward to) a column or
recap and have it NOT be there, for whatever reason that specific writer
provides. Quite frankly, I’m not concerned with the reason the column does not
appear (taking a week off here and there, of course, is totally acceptable) but
extended periods of absence will make an IWC writer plummet down the list faster
than any lousy column or lame recap. Several people on the Summer List fell
victim to this and were none to happy – "tough shit" is what I said
and what I will continue to stand by. If you have a desire to move up the list,
the first way to get noticed is to have a column posted on your scheduled time
and be consistent keeping that schedule.

There are the Rules and Guidelines
explaining how the IWC 100 list is created and hopefully, helpful hints to how
YOU, as the IWC Writer, can be placed on the list and / or move up the list each
time a new one is made. The IWC 100 Summer Edition 2K4 will be available 7.4.04
and the judging starts now

* * * * * * 

So that’s how it works! And, as promised, the second part of the news today
will be a Special Interview with yours truly, conducted 1.2.03…enjoy!

Good Evening Flea! How are you?

FLEA: Aces Baby!

Say What?

FLEA: Nevermind. I’m doing great, thank you.

First Topic – What’s your beef with Kurt Angle?

FLEA: A bunch. But I will get into that in detail next week. Last week’s
column was only the tip of the iceberg. Let’s just say the "common opinion"
tide is turning against the Olympic Hero. And for good reason.

But Angle HIMSELF said that his career isn’t over! In an interview on, he refutes the "rumors" of his demise and says that anyone
who says tha-

FLEA: I bet he regrets going to the Miracle Doctor instead of taking a trip
to Birmingham. Nah, he probably doesn’t – he’s still swears by that Witch
Doctoring. I think it’s funny that HBK…wait –
I’ll save all that for the column. One thing I will say – the man that has to be
scratching his head right now is Edge, wondering how he managed to become a star
in TLC and stay relatively injury free, but when he got a high profile push
where he could "wrestle", his neck gets hurt and he’s out for a year.
I wonder why. No I don’t – I know why…it’s just everyone (including me) has
had blinders on to the reason behind it. 

And what is that reason?

FLEA: Let’s just say that it has to do with series of suplexes (and the
wrestlers that use them ad nauseum) masquerading as…NEXT WEEK! Let’s move

Okay. The IWC 100 New Year’s Day 2K4 list is up – I see you put Meltzer #1,
but the first shocker is Borash at #2…

FLEA: What’s so shocking about that?

It’s Borash!

FLEA: First off, it’s not 1999 anymore. Second, despite the fact that it’s
his job, Borash is one of the only people online that cover TNA and trumpet the
promotion as a viable #2. Plus, his column is always entertaining and used all
over the net as a re-post. It’s weird, because I had planned to go all out in
support of TNA (and did for a period of time) – I was willing to give them time,
even through the corny bullshit that Russo is famous for. I knew that it would
be a little while before they got their "sea legs", so to speak, but
the talent was there and for people who like "wrestling" and were
looking for an alternative to the WWE product, steps were being made in the
right direction to provide that. But they f*cked it up – for me at least…I
don’t plan on giving them another dime, at least until they meet my demands.

Why are you no longer watching? And what are your "demands"?

FLEA: Three words: That Idiot Piper. The first time they brought him in, his
rambling provided the classic PPV moment of name dropping and USING Owen Hart’s
death as an "angle" in his war against Russo and his ongoing feud
against Vince McMahon. I quit watching right then but was drawn back in when
Piper disappeared – to go back to the WWE for a paycheck… 

And then TNA brought him back

FLEA: Yes, they brought him back, even torturing me with great shows
interrupted by "Piper Returns" that pretty much put a time clock on
the number of shows I had left to watch ($$$PURCHASE), which really pissed me
off. I like the action of the X-Division, Raven is running some great angles
and I’m a big mark for both AJ Styles and America’s Most Wanted. Knowing that
TNA would ruin that for me and basically flush money down the toilet by pissing
me off enough * not * to buy or support their product bummed me out, but I got
over it – especially after watching the Piper Return show and listening to him
ramble incoherently when I could have been watching a great Indy style match
from wrestlers that deserve TV time a lot more than a washed up bitter hypocrite
that is the only person delusional enough to think a "Wrestling Union"
would work, or be a good idea. 

You are not in favor of a Wrestling Union? And just so you know, Jesse
Ventura likes the idea of a "Wrestling Union", and he certainly isn’t

FLEA: Jesse said a lot of things as to not paint himself into a corner on
issues. He’s a politician, after all. You didn’t see him pushing legislature
banning Professional Wrestling in Minnesota until Wrestling Promoters provided
health benefits to it’s employees, did you? No, he was a "special
referee" for a match with two cripples and a man who has killed himself for
the business. Not exactly a resounding endorsement for change. Piper, on the
other hand, is just looking for another angle to prolong his career – I do not
think for a second he really cares what happens to "the boys". If he
did, he would have never returned to the WWE.

So what’s wrong with a Wrestling Union?

FLEA: Seeing as I am saving this for a column, I’ll just hit some quick
points. But the biggest issue would be the requirement for WWE to provide a
Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan. Finding an insurance company to Underwrite
the policies would be problem number one (Mick Foley mention that he was
cancelled by Lloyd’s of London, who will insure ANYTHING). Number two, whoever
provides the Insurance would require testing for certain things that I’m sure
most of the wrestlers and people in the business would not rather have see the
light of day. And this testing would be mandatory, not selectively enforced when
the "problem" is too big to sweep under the rug. Besides the
"testing" issues, a large portion of the Health Benefits would revolve
around a "Work Loss" endorsement, meaning how much the wrestler would
get paid while injured. For example – Edge has been out for almost a year – to
make it easy, let’s say he makes $100,000 per year – 10K per month. A basic Work
Loss endorsement would pay roughly 80% of the monthly salary, which is fine –
but there is a HUGE gray area as to "Edge’s earning potential" if he was
healthy that any lawyer representing their union members would fight tooth and
nail for. It goes without saying Wrestling is a niche by itself, walking a line
between "predetermined entertainment" and "legitimate sport"
– another point that Foley points out in his books is what could be considered a
"career ending" injury in most lines of work is second nature to
wrestlers. Comparatively speaking sports-wise, a torn ACL to a Baseball Player
means the end of a season and a year of rehab. To a wrestler, he rarely means
time off or if it does, maybe a month to six weeks. How do you write a
Comprehensive Health policy for that? What happens when policies are voided
because….I’m going to save the rest of these thoughts for a rainy day, thank

So what should be done about  – 

FLEA: The best thing that Vince McMahon can do is "self insure"
himself. Which is basically what he does right now – regardless of what Piper
says, McMahon does not turn his back on his wrestlers unless they absolutely
refuse to help themselves. Hardy, Crash and Road Dogg are perfect examples. The
flip side of that would be Regal and Eddy – both of whom have been well taken
care of as they cleaned up their act. In essence, it’s easy for Piper to play
the "union" card, but it happening would require a massive overhaul
that’s not really feasible. I think Piper knows this, but it’s a cheap way for
him to continue to "put himself over" and get TV time, which is why
I’m not watching.

By the way…what are your "demands" to TNA?

FLEA: All I would like is a formal apology from the people in charge and a
written guarantee that Piper will not appear on any future TNA shows, or be affiliated
with promotion in any way. For that, they can have my money and support.

That doesn’t seem like to much to ask for

FLEA: No, it doesn’t. I make it no secret that I’m a sucker and have bought
PPV’s ranging from Heroes of Wrestling to It Ain’t Sumo, so for me to boycott
takes a monumental effort on their part. It happened – twice. But the issue can
be resolved rather easily, I think. 

I agree. Let’s continue with The IWC 100 li-

FLEA: One more thing on TNA – I hope they think twice about the TV deal. Eric
S. has provided the best commentary on this and he is absolutely right – it’s a
bad deal. Give it another year for Vince to bring WWE back into the mainstream
and the TV networks will come calling. I don’t think they should rush into a
deal that is lousy. Okay – IWC 100…shoot!

How is the feedback?

FLEA: So far, so good. I managed to get through the "sneak preview"
feedback, which was my main concern. I was thinking of renaming the entire list
"The Days of Whine and Poseurs", but decided against it.

I take it a few people objected to their placement (or the placement of

FLEA: you could say that

I just did

FLEA: right

What’s up with Zimmerman being so high? He doesn’t do anything. And Barnett
managed to plummet into obscurity.

FLEA: As I did last year, I’ll add commentary to the names, starting around
the middle of next week.  

Can you go a day without drinking? If not, explain your love for drinking…

Damned if that ain’t a loaded question. Loaded! HA! GRUT! I’m sure I could if
I wanted to, but I have yet to find a good enough reason to do so…at least not
in the last 10 years.

your take on the personality traits of the IWC guy, not just the writers or message board
people, but all of us in general. 

I think the common feeling is "it’s a bunch of 12 year olds who sit
behind the computer all day"….while there are people like that, saying
that as a generalization is wrong. The IWC 100 proves that –
which is one of the reasons I do the list. Hyatte nailed a certain caricature with his Taking of HHH, but for the most part the IWC
are people from many different walks of life who share the same passion –
professional wrestling and use the forum of the Internet to provide their
opinions, analysis and ideas how to make wrestling better for one and all. The
latter part of that is something I do not particularly care for – but you have
to take the good with the bad. It’s easy for people on the outside looking in to
write the IWC off as nerds, geeks and psuedo know – it – alls, but that would be
the same as calling all wrestlers Steroid Addicted Closet Faggots. Neither of
those generalizations are true – with a few notable exceptions.     

What attracts you to the Internet Wrestling Community?

FLEA: Well, number one, I like Wrestling. The advent of the Internet allowed
fans across the globe to share their thoughts with one another – for the most
part, anonymously. There has always been a stigma to being a wrestling fan,
unlike football or baseball, you can’t easily plop down on a bar stool at the
local watering hole and drunkenly espouse your views on why Hogan is a self
serving prick. Or the irony of AJ Styles preferring to stay being mired in the
Indy’s while people with 1/10th of his talent and charisma stink up the joint,
simply because he KNOWS he’d be handcuffed with a stupid gimmick and 3 minute
matches. No, this is simply not acceptable public conversation – even if you are
lucky to have a bar that plays a RAW or Smackdown, it’s better to fall in line
with safe statements like "Look at the tits on Sable", or "Jesus,
that Brock is a big motherf*cker". No talk about the injustices bestowed
upon Rey Mysterio, but it’s borderline acceptable to call him a midget. So long
as you also mention he "RULZ!".

So I guess the simple answer to "Why the IWC?" is the nice sense
of  The "Community" aspect of it. Of course, people who are too
cool for the room will never admit this to this kind of sentiment, but that’s
their hang-up, not mine. They wouldn’t be reading or writing for any other
reason than to belong to a group that shares a common, easily debatable

Would you care to explain a few placements on the list? For example, why
is Chr – 

FLEA: I believe I mentioned that I would provide commentary for the
list….next week.

Just a hint? A sneak preview?

FLEA: Why not? Three names, that’s all…

Justin Roberts

FLEA: He is a ring announcer for WWE who has his own site / blog. When the
"Plane Ride From Hell" happened, the most recent one over Russia and
Korea that scared the shit out of everyone, he documented the occurance on his
website, amusingly enough, contradicting the reports of the "Insiders"
on the net. For whatever reason, Roberts was forced to remove that series of
posts from his site – but never fear – I have it and will link it from the list.
Really a great read.

Dean Rasmussen

FLEA: One of my favorites, and I seem to always catch hell for not placing
him higher on the lists. Looking at it objectively and using his Smackdown
Report as an example, if I missed a show, I can’t use Dean’s report to
accurately learn what happened (match results, match times, angle developments,
etc). But they are probably the most entertaining of anything I read all week.
Ditto his tape reviews. Also counting against him (and the other DVD writers)
was the failed on time November delivery of the DVD 500. Reasons, to me, do not
matter – when it’s supposed to be there, it should be there. Period. It’s right
in the rules.

Jim Hall

FLEA: Most people probably say "who?" and why is he so high on the

Yes, most people are probably thinking that…including me.

FLEA: Never even mind what you think. Jim Hall writes a fantastic column at Here is another thing that cracks me up – people bitch all the
time about sites that have "too many pop-ups" "wahhh wahhh
waahhhh". How can you NOT have a Pop Up Killer? Jesus, they are FREE. No
excuse, except that people obviously need something to complain about…did you
see the Old Hag who survived the earthquake in Iran?

Yeah! Eight days under the rubble and she is still alive! At 97 years old,
no less!

FLEA: What’s amazing is this…from the report – 

"The first thing she said was, ‘I am very cold. Can you please touch
my head,’" McClean said. "And the volunteer stroked the back of her
head. Then she asked for a cup of tea and she complained that it was too hot and
asked that it be spoon-fed to her."

The rescue workers saved her life and all she has to say is "my tea is
too hot" and then DEMANDS! to be spoon-fed! Like the rescue workers needed
direction – if there was justice (and no cameras around) they should have kicked
her once or twice, just for being an ingrate. 

Jim Hall?

FLEA: who?

Jim Hall…Number 15 on the IWC 100 List

FLEA: Oh. Great column, highly recommended, specifically his 12.11.03 column
were he shares his opinion about the Honky Tonk Man. That’s it for names – you
will have to wait for the rest!

Change of topic – Should Lionel Tate be released from prison?

FLEA: Absolutely not. In the first trial, his lawyer and mother sunk him, but the
sympathetic unwashed masses deemed him worthy of a second chance. Of course, he murdered that
girl and did so in a severely violent and cold-blooded way, but he’s a poor black child and will get sympathy. It’s a shame he’s going to have to f*ck up again before they realize he’s a menace, but that’s how things work sometimes.
Some people say "he’s going to have to live with that for the rest of his
life, that’s enough punishment! That’s out and out bullshit – there hasn’t been
once once of remorse from that piece of shit, except when it suits his purpose.
He’s not sorry for what he did – he was more sorry he got caught. But, he’ll be
back out on the streets and most likely back in jail in a few years. Of course,
that will be "our fault" for throwing him in jail at a young age and
depriving him of a normal childhood. Too bad we never got to ruin Tiffany Eunick’s
childhood, someone did that for us. Let’s talk about something else, I’m in a
good mood and don’t want to have it ruined talking about human garbage.

No problem, we should probably wrap this up anyway…Any closing thoughts?

FLEA: Sure…I hope everyone enjoys the IWC 100 list and takes the time to
check out the people they have not read. Each of the 100 are well worth adding
to your daily / weekly IWC reading schedule and if you have anyone you think
should be on the list, but is not, by all means, drop me a line. I try to read
everyone, but naturally some people slip though the cracks. As mentioned in the
rules, I have a general idea of how I rate the writings of the IWC, but I always
keep an open mind. Did you have any closing thoughts?

Me? I’m sure I can think of someth-

FLEA: Don’t bother…there is a very fine line between a quality interview
and the ramblings of a split level head – we wouldn’t want to cross that line,
would we?

Maybe we should bend down and snort that line…

FLEA: Was that supposed to be funny?

Just a little

FLEA: Thank you and Goodnight

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