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Well, Ben is getting his anglophile on across the Atlantic (and he better have my Elseworlds 80 Page Giant when he gets back.) But that doesn’t mean I’m flying solo. I have the one and only Daron, the Dark Overlord. Give him a big round of applause. You may remember him from his summer run on this column, as well as his own Corner of the comics’ section, and he also plays the Ben to Jim’s Mathan over in the Marvel Handbook column. Daron, want to say a few words?

Why yes, thanks minion. While my time here may be short it’s always nice to come play in other people’s sandboxes…and through sand in their eyes. I enjoy watching them running around holding their eyes, crying, and running into things…ah it’s bringing a smile to my face now. –The Overlord

On that note, let’s jump into the questions.

Dave Sippel do you have an odd way to begin a column about the DCU?

As much as DC rules over Marvel, I find I do enjoy Bendis’ and Maleev’s take on Daredevil. Surely Marvel comes up with something now and again that you find of some quality?

Well back in the day I really enjoyed “What The?” That book slayed me! It was so funny. I still have quite a few issues back at the stash.

Currently I am really digging “Supreme Power.” Granted it isn’t Marvel Universe proper, but it is a Marvel book. The art is great, the story is moving along nicely. I look forward to every issue, and have yet to be disappointed. Daron, you know my reading habits, what other Marvel books would you suggest I pick up?

Well first let me second “Supreme Power.” This book is definitely one of Marvel’s best books, and one of the best books on the market. Past though, and slightly better, in my not-so-humble opinion is “Spectacular Spider-Man.” I’m not even that big of a Spidey fan, nor Ramos’ art for that matter, but this title is wonderful. It’s smart, funny, and has enough action to keep most action junkies pleased. Everyone should do themselves a favor and at least pick up the current Dr. Ock storyline currently running in the book. “Daredevil” would probably be my third pick. Bendis has done a great job with this character for the past couple years.

As a side note, since we’re talking about titles people should be reading (and this one being a DC title…hence the name of the column), let me mention “Gotham Central” to you all. Any Batman fan, crime fiction fan, NYPD Blue/ Law & Order fan, or just fans of good stories should be reading this title. It’s hands down my FAVORITE title on the market period. The current arc “Soft Targets” may well be the best story of 2003/04. Do yourself a favor and check it out. And if you don’t…I’ll know. –The Overlord

I’ll reach in the past for a question from Mike Z

Who is *your* favorite DC Direct character?

How about a top ten list?

10. Hard Traveling Hal Jordan-The first one I ever got. I’m a huge Hal fan.

9. Gorilla Grodd- The sculpt is killer. He really looks scary.

8. Silver Age Flash/Kid Flash- Barry Allen. He looks so determined. And that costume is a classic.

7. Kingdom Come Flash- I know he’s not out yet (that’s the reason he’s so low) but I am counting the days.

6. Captain Cold- Easily one of the coolest looking figures. He has the best sculpt.

5. Impulse- Talk about accuracy, his feet are humongous. He just looks like fun.

4. Golden Age Jay Garrick- Dude, the helmet comes off! How cool is that?

3. Kingdom Come Alan Scott- He is pretty much a poser, but man does he look cool.

2. Golden Age Alan Scott- This guy looks so great. He has an almost regal look to him. Love him.

1. Jack Knight- My best friend Jason Torres bought this guy for me and surprised me. I’m a huge Starman fan, so I was pretty hyped.

Daron, you got any favorite action figures?

To be honest, I’ve gotten out of the Action Figure thing. I have started collecting statues though. I’ve got a Flash (from the JLA Animated series line) that I really like a lot, and the Starman statue from a few years back…without a doubt my favorite… –The Overlord

Neil do you have a comics question that was conjured up by a television show?

After watching the new episodes of Smallville I was wondering there is green kryptonite that hurts Clark and red kryptonite makes people act crazy but what about the other colored kryptonite? Why aren’t they around anymore I knew at one point but I cant remember.

Ok we all know about Green Kryptonite. As far as I know in the current continuity there has only been one other kind of Kryptonite; Red. The first time it showed up was when Mr. Mxyzptlk created it for Lex Luthor. It popped up in Superman #49 and is a pretty good story. It also turned up the JLA during the “Tower of Babel” storyline. That story began in JLA #44. Keeping with pre Crisis continuity each exposure had a different effect. Mxy’s depowered Superman, and in JLA it made his skin transparent.

Now, if you want a list of Pre Crisis Kryptonite you can find those wacky results through the miracle of Time Travel.

Troy I know you have a question plaguing you.

Where is Fatality?

Fatality is from the planet of Xanshi. You may know this as the planet that Arkkis Chummuck’s race tried to conquer, leading to his joining the Green Lantern Corp, as seen in Green Lantern #130. Some of you may recall Xanshi better as the planet that John Stewart couldn’t save in “The Cosmic Odyssey.” Yep, that planet blowed up real good.

Fortunately for Yrra Cynril, she was being trained by the Warlords of Okaara in the art of warfare. Unfortunately for Green Lanterns, she knew that one of their ilk was responsible for the destruction of her planet. She killed quite a few former GL’s, before she got to John Stewart, who was then paralyzed. Kyle saved John Stewart. Fatality lost a few limbs in her quest for vengeance and ended up in The Slab.

But she flirted with John, when he visited her. She also revealed that there was no physical reason for John not to be able to walk, leading to his regaining the use of his legs. But now she’s out in the open, so it’s only a matter of time before she comes gunning for John.

You know I’m surprised John didn’t take her up on her advances…he seems to like “odd” women, ones with blue skin, no arms…just a thought. By the way Mathan, the question was where is Fatality? Not who is she…I was going to help you out, but thought it would be more fun to make you look incompetent. –The Overlord

Ed O’Brien do you think you can stump me?

I was reading an older comic (I think it was the 1991 Batman annual), and it had an ad for a JLA/X-Men crossover. I was wondering a) who was the writer, artist etc. b) was it any good? and c) is it collected anywhere?

You did indeed stump me. I searched the net looking for this book. I thought that I would remember a book as monumental as this, but I can’t recall a thing about. So I went to the Mile High Comics site and searched X-Men. 350 items came up and not one of them was related to the Justice League. I also googled the phrase and came up with nothing. Our only chance for finding an answer is Daron. Daron help us.

What? Oh it’s my turn? I don’t believe I’ve ever seen anything of this kind. I’m pretty sure I’d remember a crossover of this magnitude…and yet I do not. Therefore it must be a hoax. –The Overlord

Brian did something about last week’s column cause your brain to stir?

What exactly are Eclipso’s abilities?

Originally whenever there was an eclipse Dr. Bruce Gordon would turn into Eclipso. Eclipso was super strong. He also had a nifty black diamond. When it was held to his eclipsed eye it would fire a “frigid beam of impenetrable black light.” If he used his uneclipsed it shot out your typical destructive laser beam.

But then in the 90’s he became much cooler. See it turned out that there were hundreds of black diamonds floating around. They were all cut from one large stone, which held Eclipso’s essence. The diamonds made their way around the world. Now if you happened to be in possession of a black diamond and something made you mad one of two things would happen.

The first that could happen is that you would evoke Eclipso and become eclipsed yourself. You would be just like Bruce Gordon was, super powered and all, for you to enact your revenge. After you got your “revenge” then Eclipso would still be in possession of your body to do with as he pleased. The only way for you to become normal again would be to get blasted by sunlight.

Now the other thing that could happen is that you would manifest an eclipsed form. Say you were mad, and wanted the object of your anger to get killed by a pack of rabid hamsters. If you happened to be in possession of a black diamond, a pack of rabid hamsters would manifest from you and take care of your nemesis. Then Eclipso would be in control of them. Again I can’t urge you enough to pick up the comic series Eclipso. Daron, anything to add?

Um…no. I think you handled that one adequately. – The Overlord

Shivkala, I haven’t forgotten about you, do you have a question?

What happened to Vril Dox II and L.E.G.I.O.N. (later known as R.E.B.E.L.S. shortly before they were known as C.A.N.C.E.L.L.E.D.)?

Vril Dox II is another favorite character of mine. I really loved L.E.G.I.O.N. That book seemed so cool to this young Legion fan. I mean it was the precursor to the Legion of Superheroes. The book starred some of my favorite Legionnaires ancestors! Plus Vril was like a green skinned Lex Luthor. He was cold, manipulating and ruthless. I loved the guy. Plus he had an even worse son, Lyrl Well Vril’s R.E.B.E.L.S. overthrew L.E.G.I.O.N. in that titles last issue #17. Vril then retired. Captain Comet took over as head of L.E.G.I.O.N. Vril was last seen in Showcase ’96 #12 fighting along side his descendant, against his father. Ah the joys of time travel.

I’m guessing that L.E.G.I.O.N. is still keeping some planets out in space safe. Rumor has it Barry Kitson has plans for a relaunch, and he’s DC exclusive now. Keep your fingers crossed. Daron, what are your thoughts on this rag tag bunch of heroes?

Um…I have not comment at this time. –Anonymous

Shivkala, anything else you want to know?

Was the whole Star Sapphire being pregnant with her evil self’s (aka the Predator–who apparently was also her “masculine” side) child thing ever get resolved?

Actually Star Sapphire and Predator had split from Carol Ferris so he wasn’t really “her” masculine side. And he was actually just your run of the mill demonic parasite from Maltus. It turns out that they were both just pawns of Neron. Star Sapphire did give birth. But then Neron killed them both and took off with the kid. You can read all about it Extreme Justice #11. But come to think of it, I’ve never seen Daron, the Dark Overlord and Neron in the same place. Hmmmm?

That’s because I filed a restraining order against that bastard. He’s not allowed to get within 5ft of me now. Try and steal my chili recipe now, demon! –The Overlord

Well that is going to do it for another week. Thanks for stopping by, and keep those questions coming. I know, I know you think this column is all me, but it’s actually about you. It’s like 90% you. So fire away with those questions. Here’s my question for you; which hero would make the best villain?

All of them if they know what’s good for them…

Well that’s it for me, so until Ben shirks his duties again and runs off to gods know where, keep it Dark! –The Overlord. The Dark Overlord

“My thoughts are misguided and a little naïve.”

I’ve been trying to tell you that for over a year now. –Yeah…Me

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