Nightwing #89 Review

Reviewed by: Mathan “Robin IV” Erhardt
Story Title: Avalanche

Written by: Devin Grayson
Penciled by: Patrick Zircher
Inked by: Andy Owens
Colored by: Gregory Wright
Lettered by: Clem Robins
Editor: Michael Wright
Publisher: DC Comics.

This issue rocked. From the first page to the last, this one kicked major butt. But I got to warn you, there are major spoilers ahead.

The issue begins with Babs, Nightwing’s ex, kicking him out of her apartment. He had to crash there after last issue, when the circus that he used to run with was attacked as a way to get at Nightwing. Dick goes back to Bludhaven and visits with a visiting “family member.” Then he suits up to go look for info on the circus attacks. He gets to an adjacent rooftop, and then his building explodes.

That’s right. The building that he bought and owns, where all of his neighbors and tenants live, explodes. Nightwing is shaken by the blast, but regains his composure and attempts to look for survivors. He sees the current thorn in his side, the new Tarantula, and attacks her. Then a survivor is found; unfortunately it’s a reformed Amygdala, on a rampage. Dick manages to calm him down.

The issue closes with the mastermind of the every attack Roland Desmond talking to Nightwing’s oldest nemesis, Shrike. Man, I can’t wait for next issue.

I’ll be honest; I wasn’t really “feeling” Grayson when she first took over the book. Granted she had large shoes to fill, but to me it seemed an awkward fit. I didn’t appreciate her killing off Torque or any of the other characters that Chuck Dixon worked so hard to give depth to. But Grayson has certainly come into her own. This book is climbing up my “first read” books list. Last issue was great, but this issue tops it. It’s rare that I feel for a character, but my heart is really going out to Dick Grayson.

On a side note, I will be extremely disappointed if John Law did indeed die this issue. To me it will be a terrible waste of a still vital character.

The art is amazing. Nightwing has undergone a few artistic line up changes. But this team has really gelled for me. Zircher’s pencils look great, but Owens’ inks and Wright’s colors looked mind blowing on page one. It was a great way to being the issue with a beautifully rendered image. Those two deserve some much-needed attention for an issue well done.

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