Anarky #1 Retro Review

Reviewed by: Mathan Erhardt
Story Title: Aberration! Part One: Power Play

Written by: Alan Grant
Penciled by: Norm Breyfogle
Inked by: Joe Rubenstein
Colored by: Noelle Giddings
Lettered by: John Costanza
Edited by: Darren Vincenzo

So the issue begins with Lonnie Machin, a sixteen-year-old vigilante known as Anarky, meeting with the JLA at the Washington Monument, after hacking into the Watchtower. They are pretty upset about the security breach, but Anarky is merely trying to warn them about an impending doom. Y’see Lonnie has fused the two hemispheres of his brain together, giving more use of his brain, thus making him a much better human being. As a result he was able to predict a villain that negates the laws of time and space.

Well since Lonnie is labeled as a criminal the JLA are hesitant to believe his claims. They try to apprehend him, but he escapes using his Boom Tube (the kid is resourceful.) They are stumped and head back to check his theory. Meanwhile Lonnie has just transported beneath the monument to his base.

We then flashback to what drove Lonnie from Gotham to D.C. It was some earthquake that hit Gotham and possibly killed his parents. He really wanted to stay to help the city, but Batman threw him out. Did I mention that Lonnie has a computer built into his costume that is practically sentient, named Max? The kid’s like Batman Jr.

Back in the present the world starts going wacky, and Anarky realizes that the Aberration is near. He decides to take matters into his own hand and ask Green Lantern for help, directly. Fortunately for him Jade and Kyle are fighting Fatality over in NYC. Lonnie Boom Tubes it to the fight just in time to see them crash into the ocean. Anarky goes to the wreckage in the ocean and discovers a glowing green ring.

Meanwhile the Aberration appears in our reality, with a mission to destroy it. Back to Lonnie, who has donned the power ring and is testing its abilities. He is ready to charge into battle and save the universe, when Max drops a bombshell. Max has been looking into the whereabouts of Lonnie’s parents and has discovered Lonnie’s adopted!

Alan Grant loves Anarky. You can tell that this is his “baby.” He knows exactly the tale that he wants to tell and how he wants to tell it. The story pacing is very fluid. It really flows. He writes Lonnie like a teenager who is head and shoulders above the rest of the population, but still a kid. The book reads great.

Norm Breyfogle is my favorite Bat artist. His image of Batman defines an era, like Adams or Aparo. I love Breyfogle’s art, but I really love his Batman. His Anarky is great as well. His talent for action is awe-inspiring. Every action seems so graceful, smooth and natural. He also has a talent for facial expressions. The book looks amazing.