Plastic Man #4 Review

Reviewed by: Mathan “Vinyl Dude” Erhardt
Story Title: It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times

Editor: Joey Cavalieri
Publisher: DC Comics
Everything Else: Kyle Baker

After escaping from custody last issue, Plastic Man goes on the offensive trying to clear his name. He begins to use deductive reasoning, to hilarious results, to determine who is behind the plot to frame Eel O’Brian, and as to whether or not they know he and Plastic Man are one and the same.

But as a result of Plastic Man’s ouster from the F.B.I. he perpetual tag along, Woozy Winks finally gets handed his walking papers. Wandering the streets Woozy ponders the nature of existence when one bases their identity on that of a person whose identity was a fraud. Pretty deep stuff. And unbeknownst to Woozy he is being followed.

Plas decides to do some deep cover work, but masquerading as a dead man puts a serous hole in the credibility of his cover. Meanwhile Woozy’s life regains purpose, only for him to be captured and beaten bloody by the nefarious mastermind behind the plot to discredit Plastic Man, who remains in the shadows.

Woozy is placed as bait for a trap for Plas. The trap is set at the site where Eel O’Brian encountered the chemicals that made him Plastic Man. Woozy musters the courage to attempt to foil the trap, but it appears to have cost him his life.

I talk a lot about the best team on a monthly book, Kyle is the best person on a monthly book. He does it all, and it always looks great. This book is a labor of love that has humor on multiple levels and even ponders deep philosophical questions. How many other comic books can boast that, plus a nifty graffiti style logo within the pages?