Avengers/JLA #4 Review

Reviewer: Jesse Baker
Story Title: The Brave and the Bold

Written by: Kurt Busiek
Art by: George Perez
Colored by: Tom Smith
Lettered by: Comicraft
Editor: NA
Publisher: Marvel Comics and DC Comics

The Avengers and the Justice League prepare for an assault on Krona’s headquarters (built out of the remains of Galactus) in order to stop Krona from destroying the two universes in his quest to discover the identity of the creator of all sentient life. However once they get there, they find that Krona has summoned just about every single Marvel and DC villain that one can think of to protect him while he continues his doomsday experiment.

Despite the wait, Avengers/JLA #4 lives up to all hype and anticipation. Busiek and Perez deliver a spectacular spectacle for the sights as the Avengers and the JLA face off against all of their most evil adversaries all at once. Fans of “Crisis on Infinite Earths” will have an orgasm with this issue with the number of villains and heroes who show up during the fight scenes. A sample list of heroes and villians to appear include:

Moonstone, the Lava Men, HIVE, AIM, Batroc, Prometheus, The Royal Flush Gang, Weapon Master, D-Man, Big Barda, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Maxima, Despero, Amazing Man II, the Golden Age Mist, Faith, Bloodwynd, USAgent, Justice, Magdalene, the Injustice League of America, Screaming Mimi, Juggernaut, the Exemplers, The Extremists, Dr. Druid, and many, many, more…

As for the ending, Busiek actually accomplishes the impossible with the ending as he gives the series an emotional ending that is beautifully illustrated by George Perez. A perfect ending to the perfect mini-series that was so many years in the making.