Reign Of The Zodiac #8 Review

Reviewer: Mathan “Aquarius” Erhardt
Story Title: End of the Worlds

Written by: Keith Giffen
Penciled by: Colleen Doran
Inked by: Bob Wiacek
Lettered by: Rob Leigh
Colored by: Lovern Kindzierski
Editor: Joan Hilty
Canceller: DC Comics

This issue sucked. Wait, that’s not quite correct; what this issue symbolized, sucked. The issue itself continues the excellence that was set by previous outings. But it is the final issue of what could have been a truly great series.

I’ll admit that I didn’t take immediately to the series. After I read the first issue, I was shocked that I was confused and didn’t quite understand everything. Imagine that, a comic reading veteran who couldn’t grasp the story after one reading. But I quickly came to realize that was the mark of greatness. The fact that I had to read every word and actually try to comprehend would become some of the things I would enjoy about the issues.

Considering that the story was meant to run 72 issues, this final issue wraps things up adequately. We see the fallout of the vagabond lovers, as well as an Arian funeral. We also find out that the entire portal fiasco was a plot by another House. Finally the story ends with the destruction of two portals. Even though the story is over, I can’t help but want more.

Giffen didn’t dumb down this book for the audience. Perhaps he should have. Maybe the comic reading fans weaned on “The Ultimates” and “Nightwing” couldn’t quite get a handle on the complex tale that Giffen was weaving. This title had the potential to build a cast of 5YG Legion quantity and quality. But alas comic fandom was too busy arguing that Ronnie should be Firestorm, or that “Broken City” was a major letdown, to notice that the quality book that everyone claims to be searching for was just below his or her noses.

Doran’s art was very detailed and a pleasure to look at. Even with a cast of impressive size Doran gave every character a distinct look. Every House had their own fashion sense, as did the various castes. The entire art team did a marvelous job of creating vivid societies that seemed alien yet familiar.