Strangers In Paradise #64 Review

Reviewer: Jesse Baker
Story Title: 100 Nudes

Written by: Terry Moore
Penciled by: Terry Moore
Inked by: NA
Colored by: Brian Miller
Lettered by: NA
Editor: NA
Publisher: Abstract Studio

    The Skinny

Good: A new era begins in “Strangers in Paradise” as Katchoo starts her life without her sidekick/lesbian love-interest Francine. The issue kick starts with Katchoo talking about how she stood in the rain for hours after Francine’s wedding and how her life has been turned into a literal time bomb of sorts as she deals with the fact that Francine chose heterosexual marriage over their forbidden love.

Bad: The bulk of the issue is devoted to Terry Moore showing a bunch of generic weird characters at the show looking at the paintings. The weirdest of the weird being an elderly woman who insist on licking all paintings she sees. Meanwhile we also see Francine’s ex Freddy show up and lust after the “Francine” paintings.

Ugly: For an exhibit called “100 Nudes” there are a ton of strategically blocked tits and crotches and people wearing loincloths.