The Botterm Dollar In News 04.16.04


Hello, and welcome to the newly upgraded Botterm Dollar.  Widro enjoyed the first two editions of the column so much that he decided to move me into one of the main event slots, so I’m your new Friday news guy, taking the place of Widro himself.  Actually, the plan all along was to bump tBD up to a news update, and I was using the regular column status to get into the flow of things.

I had planned out this elaborate introduction to my writing, complete with references to past articles and websites, but you’ve got a brain and you’ve got Google at your fingertips, so if you’re THAT interested in checking up on me, get to snapping and start googling. Or you can just ask Eric — he and I have been working together for quite some time, and he’s really all the reference I need.

With all that out of the way, let’s move on to the news for today.


Smackdown has been really, REALLY bad as of late, and last night didn’t really do a whole lot to change that. 

The angle with Big Show is actually interesting me because it’s been so long since he’s been sold as a legitimate monster, and that’s really the only way you should possibly push someone that is 7 feet and 2,000 pounds. For the first time since Wight came into WWE, he was pushed as an unstable and unstoppable monster.  I mean, he KILLED Kurt Angle at the end of Smackdown!  We’ve seen a lot of things on WWE programming throughout the year, but to outright murder someone by tossing them from a great height?  I mean, that has NEVER…

Oh wait, yes it has.  And judging from past history, Kurt will show up on the Raw PPV this Sunday healed of all injuries and it will never be spoken of again.

I also dug the little promo featuring Mordecai, a character which you probably know by now is being played by the same cat that did the Seven gimmick in OVW.  I remember back in ’96 when everyone on the net wanted the Undertaker to return as the White Angel, and I guess this is the next best thing.  It’s been a long time since the WWE properly introduced a new character with buildup and actual tender loving care put into the gimmick long before it appears on television, so maybe they’re pulling their collective head out of the dark places it’s been situated in for so long.

The rest of the show was pretty bland and uninteresting.  You’d think that a match with former tag partners like Booker T and RVD would be built up longer in order to make the payoff more meaningful, but I didn’t graduate from the WWE Skool Of Writing so I’m probably not the best person to ask about it.

It’s really not hard to turn Smackdown around and push it to the limelight again.  If I get bored enough this weekend, I might just put together a little plan on how they could go about doing it and share it with you next week.


The coolest thing about having this Friday gig is that I’m the last news guy who gets to preview and prognosticate on WWE PPV events before they actually happen.  Wait, is there someone on the 411 crew who does weekend updates?  If I’m missing you, many apologies, but I don’t really visit too much on Saturdays.

Here’s the final card for Backlash, coming to you this Sunday evening from the WWE Raw crew.

Chris Benoit (c) vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H

Randy Orton (c) vs. Cactus Jack

Chris Jericho vs. Christian

Edge vs. Kane

Shelton Benjamin vs. Ric Flair

Victoria (c) vs. Lita

Tajiri vs. Jonathan Coachman

Man, that Triple H sure has been on a tear lately.  It’s getting harder and harder for the net nerds to find bad things to say about him, isn’t it?  He’s gotten smaller, he’s putting in a great effort in the ring…but I still don’t think he’s winning on Sunday.  The main event should be the match of the card, but the fact that Mick Foley is getting ready to put over Orton might end up turning the hardcore match into something bizarre and beautiful at the same time.

Overall, the card looks quite good, and it’ll be the first PPV wrestling event I’ve enjoyed from the comforts of my own home in over two years.  I’ll be checking in Monday with my Analysis of the event, so check that out if you’re so inclined.


This section is dedicated to wrapping up bits and pieces of news for the week.  I typically won’t talk about something that’s already been posted on the main 411 page, unless of course I feel like you need to hear my opinion on the matter.  I try to stick with things that you may not have heard of, but sometimes things get covered multiple times over. Sorry, but that’s what happens when you have a site staff of 92 people.

– If you’re a resident of Wayne, New Jersey (and I’m truly sorry if you are), then be sure to head out to the CyberSpace Wrestling Federation’s show on April 24th and catch a very special edition of “Piper’s Pit” with Roddy Piper.  They have no idea who the special guest will be, but c’mon now… special can the guest REALLY be when the promotion is called the CYBERSPACE WRESTLING FEDERATION?  That sounds like the same e-league I joined up with when I first hooked up with the net back in 1995.  Perhaps they’ve upgraded?  Or maybe Roddy’s perfectly happy accepting bookings from e-wrestling promotions?  Mike Tenay and other people we don’t care about will also be at the show, but if you’re one of those indie wrestling guys who thinks that the best wrestling will NEVER be found on mainstream television, then please — go to the show.  You can even send a report to me, and I will gladly refuse to print it and laugh at you in public.

– Now THIS is a virtual gold mine.  Head over to this link, where some Canadian organization called the CBC has culled together a lot of classic Canadian wrestling clips.  There’s some really, really good stuff in there, especially if you’re over the age of 80 and from Canada.  See there, Eric, you ALMOST made the cut — you’ve got one of those two criteria down pat.  Man, making old-timer cracks at Eric is pretty much NEVER going to old.


Everyone else does it, so why can’t I?

Jacob Zeigler has a review of Kill Bill Volume Two, which hits theatres today.  It would be criminal of you to miss seeing this film sometime in the next two days, and it would be in your best interests to read Jacob’s review RIGHT NOW.  Go.  Wait, finish my article first, and then read the review.

There’s a new WWE game coming to the GameCube and you can read all about it in the press release available here on


Here’s a quick intro to this section: every week, I’m going to give you a few non-wresting related links that I think are interesting.  Some will be fun, others will be strange, but they’re all going to be worth you taking five minutes out of your day to read. Before you do ANY of this, however, I strongly recommend you getting yourself a nice news aggregator (such as FeedDemon) and introducing yourself to the wonderful world of RSS feeds.  I’ve been trying to get Widro to start RSS feeds for each individual zone here at 411, so hopefully you’ll be able to add a 411 channel to your copy of FeedDemon or Newsgator soon.

— If you’re an animal lover AND a computer geek, then this case is for you!


— I think the reality television thing is getting just a bit out of hand.


That’s it for this week.  I’ll be back Monday with my Analysis, but until then, I urge you to stick around and see if there’s anything worthwhile this weekend.  Watch Backlash, form your own opinion, and then send it to me for possible inclusion in next Friday’s column.  Until then, be safe, be smart, and don’t eat anything that moves.