Fallen Angel #10 Review

Reviewed by: Mathan “I don’t think Lee is Linda” Erhardt
Story Title: Inner Fire

Written by: Peter David
Penciled by: Lopez
Inked by: Fernando Blanco
Colored by: Nathan Eyring
Lettered by: Phil Balsman
Editor: Lysa Hawkins
Publisher: DC Comics

So Lee AKA Fallen Angel first met up with Black Mariah while on a mission trying to help a Sister get a piece of the cross that Christ died on. After torturing Mariah, Lee gets the information to get the shard and that knowledge that Mariah cannot die because someone has “stolen” her death. Lee obtains the shard but when she touches it she has a startling vision.

The issue begins with a touching reunion between Boxer and Black Mariah. After that Lee (Fallen Angel) finally visits that Sister who asked her to get the shard. She delivers the shard and finds out that when you touch it it’s supposed to complete you. But when the Sister learns what Lee had to do to get the shard, she tosses it into a fireplace, saying that Lee’s actions tainted the shard. Lee storms off, but the Sister makes a vow, that I’m guessing she intends to keep.

Then we are back with Boxer and Mariah. Mariah is recuperating from her run in with Lee. Mariah gets a phone call from Wilde, the man who wanted the shard and who stole her death. Mariah agrees to give Wilde the shard (which she doesn’t have) in a meeting later that night at Bumper Ruggs.

We then find Lee behind “Furor’s” talking to Dolf about good and evil and ones role in the grand scheme of things. After that Mariah shows up at Bumper’s place looking for Wilde, and Fallen Angel shows up looking for both of them. To be continued.

David has written a really thought provoking issue. It also kind of drags. There are a lot of conversations and not too much action. That is the way the issue was intended to be, and we got some real development. But it wasn’t really a fun read, just a good one.

Lopez and Blanco are really doing some great work on this title. It’s sad to say but in this say and age ten issues without a fill in is a milestone. And this team has reached it. The light and shadows in the beginning of this issue were really nice, as was the shattered mirror on page 13.