Who’s Who In The DCU 6.9.04

Sorry for the lack of the column last week, but I’ve had a pretty frustrating couple of weeks. The Tuesday before the last column posted my computer came down with something. I kept getting an error message about my MSHTML.DLL file. As a result of this file messing up, I can’t open any windows or load any webpages. Oddly enough I could still get on AOL.

So that night from 3:30am until 8am I was on the phone to the computer help desk, in New Delhi. Needless to say they provided little help. The next night I was up until 8am again only this time I was at the AOL message boards attempting to find a solution to my problem. Again, I couldn’t get things running.

Finally on Memorial Day I decided to take my computer to CompUsa for repairs. They charged me $100, but I figured it was well worth it to get things up and running again. On Saturday I got the call that it was ready. Finally I would be connected again.

So I picked it up on Monday and knew that I could knock out a column. I hook everything back up, log on to AOL, and go to Hotmail, only to be greeted by the same error that I put the computer into the shop for! I paid $100 to have them babysit my broken computer for five days! Now I have to re-lug an entire hard drive all the way across town, in triple degree weather because some idiot didn’t do his damn ass job right the first time! I’m irate and my frustration knows no bounds.

B, how have your last couple of weeks been? Um, they’ve been ok, M. Stop coming at me with that knife, dude…in all seriousness, I’ve been spending most of my time out in the woods of western Massachusetts, helping to do maintenance for the summer camp I’ve worked at/gone to for the past thirteen years, but won’t be returning to this year, so I’ve been sans internet access as well, plus my laptop finally died its final death two weeks ago, so I’m using my Dad’s. But I’m getting tanned and buff, so I’m a happy man, except every day at 8 AM when I need to get up for work. –B)

Since I’ve not been connected, I couldn’t tell you what to read. Hell, I haven’t even read the our last column and chances are I won’t be able to read this one either. But B when I do get up an running again what should I have read? (Since I wasn’t here to do so last week, I’ll pimp my column and also give a shout out to this week’s special all rumor edition of The Roundtable. And just for kicks, I’ll give a plug to my favorite column over in the wrestling zone: Eric S.’s Wrestling, News, Opinions, Etc. -B)

JohnBritton do you have a question that I’ve been saving for this very week?

The looming identity crisis got me thinking. I know the Martian Manhunter maintains a bunch of identities, but who are they? Didn’t they all get outed recently? What are all of Batman’s regular identities? I know about Matches Malone, Batman, and Bruce Wayne, but there must be more. Anybody else have regular multiple identities? Tim Drake sports a goatee sometimes as a whole other kid, right? How long has it been since Wonder Woman sported one? (Secret identity, not goatee) Did they ever explain why Ralph Dibny wore a mask after his identity had been very public? Did Aquaman ever have a life as Arthur Curry separate from Aquaman, or was that just his name?

I’ll just answer them in random order. As far as I can tell Aquaman hasn’t really used Arthur Curry as an identity. It’s just the name of the lighthouse keeper that a young Aquaman used to hang out with. The real Arthur Curry died, and Aquaman took is name to honor the guy.

I’d imagine it would be pretty hard to keep a secret identity when you have to douse yourself with water every half an hour just to survive. Plus he doesn’t wear a mask or even glasses. Arthur Curry is just Aquaman’s land name. He also goes by Orin, to his fellow underwater dwellers. (I know he attempted to have a secret identity for awhile and failed because guys like Elongated Man were always showing up at his lighthouse. I don’t know the full deal except that it was during the JLDetroit days and it was touched upon in JLA: Incarnations #4. –B)

Like Aquaman, Wonder Woman doesn’t do the secret ID thing. But she did in the Silver Age. Ah, the good old days.

Batman has lots of different identities. In Brave and The Bold #177 he appeared as Thomas Quigley. In Brave and The Bold #196 he posed as Ragman. In a tale set before he became Batman, Bruce Wayne masquaraded as Frank Dixon in Batman Chronicles #6. While digging from some dirt on Superman in Superman Secret Files #1 Bats’ posed as Gordon Selkirk and interviewed the Kents. When Gotham had that big quake Batman became Detective Hawke. During Knightquest Bats dressed up as Sir Hemingford Grey. And Matches Malone recently popped up in Legends of the Dark Knight.

Robin also has some different identities. In Robin #112 he appeared as Gary Glanz to crack a gun ring. In Young Justice Robin posed as both Alvin Draper and Mister Sarcastic. Tim has also used the alias Jeremy Johnson.

But the granddaddy of all when it comes to adopting secret identities is Martian Manhunter. He has become John Jones, a former cop who became a private investigator. In Central America he’s El Hombre Verdad. Back with the Justice Expirence he was the Bronze Wraith. He’s also Turkey’s superhero Dervish. In Brazil he’s a homeless kid Paolo. Over in Japan he’s Bio Armor Jade Warrior, yet another hero. Some other identites; Yuchiro Takata of New Concept Industries, Isobel De La Rosa, the author, Marko Xavier, cab driver Johann Johansen. When the DEO outed him in Martian Manhunter #17 is was pretty traumatic. But he was left with the identity of Tomasso a stray cat. So that’s kind of cool.

As for why Ralph wore a mask, I’m guessing it’s just because it was all the rage back then.

B, did I miss any ID’s and are you still sticking by your Steph Brown linked to Identity Crisis theory? (After all the recent hub bub about Spoiler/Robin biting it during “War Games,” I’d have to be a fool to do so, but I am a fool when it comes to matters of honor, so yes I will be. –B)

411Music’s Aaron Cameron do you have a related question?

How many DCU heroes *don’t* have a secret ID? I’m talkin’ their dual lives are public knowledge…I thought Wally West was known as the Flash, but I guess that’s not the case anymore…John Stewart? Does he still wear a mask…? I didn’t think so…but, these are the questions I think…

Wally used to out in the open but after that whole showdown with Zoom in Flash #200 he got is secret ID back with a little help from Hal “The Spectre” Jordan. (Hopefully I’ll have a computer again in time to answer Shiv’kala’s questions about Hal.)

We all know that everyone knows that Ralph Digby is the Elongated Man.

The public also knows that Guy Gardner is/was Green Lantern/Warrior. I mean he has a restaurant called “Warrior’s” so he’s not shy about his past glory.

Everyone knows that John Henry Irons is Steel. I believe it became common knowledge in Supergirl #23.

Everyone knows Zatanna is Zatanna. It’s just folks don’t know that she’s a hero.

Booster Gold is pretty out in the open, he’s always going for endorsements and he had that Planet Krypton fiasco.

Ray Palmer is publicly known as Atom, because his ex-wife wrote a book. Talk about a bad break up.

I’m also pretty sure Power Girl is publicly known as Power Girl. But I can’t really back that claim up. (Yep, she appeared in JSA a couple years back during that solo issue in which she fought classic rogue Da Bomb addressing a public gathering as Karen Starr, but entered by flying and didn’t bother to make up an excuse to run to the bathroom when the villain entered the scene. –B)

Katar Hol was the official ambassador of Thanagar, so that would make is identity pretty well known.

John Stewart decided to forgo the mask awhile ago.

Obviously Jade is pretty public with her identity.

Beast Boy would be in the same category as Jade.

And since we’re on Titans, Cyborg and Starfire seem to fall in the non secret identity category.

Oh yeah Wonder Girl doesn’t have a secret id anymore.

Ted Knight is know as Opal’s Hero Starman, as are David and Jack.

That’s all that I can think of for public identities B, help me out, is Jay Garrick out in the open? (Pretty sure he is, M. While we’re on the JSA, Wildcat’s identity as an ex boxing champ is also publicly known. Red Star, formerly of the Titans, is Russia’s national hero, so his ID as Leonid Kovar is known. On the Titans subject, people know that Grant Emerson is Damage thanks to the government being annoying, Jesse Quick used to keep her ID public so she could do paper work more quickly, and Deathstroke, hero or not, is known as Slade Wilson amongst the ranks of anybody who wants to hire him. –B)

There are other grey areas. For instance Black Canary may or may not have a secret identity.
Apparently her mom yelled out her name on live television, which would kind of make you think that she’s out in the open.

Alan Scott is another one. He’s old, then he’s young. He’s always seen with Jade. That makes me think that he’s kind of carefree with his secret.

And so is Kyle for that matter. Let’s see, he is seen with Jade when they were going out. Jade is also seen pretty frequently with Green Lantern. Let’s connect the dots shall we? Wait, he just got back to Earth and no one care about him anymore. Never mind.

Nightwing has an almost public identity. Blockbuster knew it. A nosey reporter knew it. His former partner knew it. He’s just getting sloppy. I thought he was trained by the Bat? What a disgrace.

I have to call it a week. I’m really sorry for the short column, but as I said I’m having computer problems. Hopefully things will be back to normal next week. Be sure to visit the message boards and email me your questions. As for your question of the week; Did Identity Crisis live up to the hype?

“I believe in God, and I believe that God believes in Claude.”

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