411’s WWE Raw Report 07.19.04


411’s WWE Raw Report 07.19.04
Live from D.C.
Announcers are JR & The King
Report done *EXCLUSIVELY* for 411MANIA by PK

Damnit, how many more times will the Cubs be on ESPN while RAW is on?!?!

Recap of Evo beating down Eugene.

No intro, HHH comes out to start. He says that he isn’t proud of himself for what happened last week. He admits to doing a lot of low things in his career, but last week was below him, and what he did to Eugene made him feel rotten. Then he started to question himself as to how he felt about poor innocent Eugene then he farted, and he felt better. HAHA. He has something to say to Eugene, who is at home. He tells Eugene to get close to the TV so he can say ‘I HATE YOU.’ HAHA. He then says that Evolution hates him, and that he was never part of it. He then says that everybody hates Eugene. He says that Eugene is an embarrassment, and that everyone is ashamed of him, even his mother, Mrs. Dinsmore (HA! Storyline continuity!). He says that Eugene has no place in the ring, no place in the business, and should not try to be normal. He then calls Eugene pathetic. He has some footage of how pathetic Eugene is after last week with Regal and Benoit. The footage shows Benoit and Regal crying about Eugene being hurt. Bischoff comes out, and says that he talked to Mrs. Dinsmore, and that Eugene is history. He then says that he will reward HHH, and gives him a match with Benoit next week for the Title, in a 60 minute Iron Man Match. He then gives HHH the night off, but puts Benoit in a match with Batista tonight. Regal then comes out, saying that those 2 seem to be so proud of themselves, and says that he is not scared of HHH. Regal then says that this is for Eugene, takes off his jacket, and starts to tangle with HHH. Regal is pounding on HHH, and Bischoff calls for security to come out, and they restrain Regal.

Tonight, the Vengeance Rematch, as Edge defends the IC Title against Orton.

Oh, and the RAW Divas are there yay


Sting of the Night – Rhyno defeating Conway last week.

Conway on the mic, in the middle of the Nation’s Capital. They are going to sing the Canadian National Anthem in French. Tajiri’s music interrupts, and he comes out on the mic, and starts a USA chant. HAHA.

Tajiri (w/ Rhyno) vs. Sylvain Greiner (w/ Robert Conway)
Tajiri is on fire to start, but Conway gets on the apron and distracts him. Greiner gets the edge. Back and forth action, but Tajiri starts kicking away, and nails a quick thrust to the throat for 2. Tajiri goes for the huge kick, but Greiner ducks it. Tajiri gets to the corner, Greiner charges, but Tajiri locks on the Tarantula. Ref is distracted with Conway and Rhyno, Conway gets away, and nails Tajiri in the back of the head with a punch, and Greiner then nails a facebuster for the pin.
Winner – Greiner

Highlights from house shows in Wilkes-Barre PA, Reading PA, and Fredricks MD.

Jericho’s Hi-Light Reel will have the 10 Diva Contestants.


New SummerSlam commercial with Stacy Keibler doing the balance beam, but only stretches, and gets all 10’s. HAHA.

Chris Jericho’s Hi-Light Reel
Jericho’s guests are the 10 RAW Divas. Jericho says that voting starts tonight at 10 EST, and the person with the least votes is out. There is no way Carmella doesn’t win. Jericho says that there is an immunity envelope in Bischoff’s office, and the person who finds it can not be eliminated. Jericho then wants the girls to follow him, and he hops the wall, with all of them to fallow. He then leads them to Bischoff’s office, and casually hits on some of them. They get to the office, and they start tearing the place apart. I am strangely reminded of Finders Keepers. Bischoff comes in, and yells at them all. Bischoff wants some answers, as it seems that Jericho exited. Bischoff belittles them, and reminds them all that he is in charge, and wants to know what’s going on. I don’t think the girls knew this was going to happen, some of them are laughing, and Bischoff yells at them some more. One of the girls told him that Jericho said there was an immunity envelope in his office. He kicks them all out. Pretty good segment actually.


Tyson Tomko (w/ Trish) vs. The Hurricane (w/ Stacy)
Hurricane looks like he is calling for Rosey, but Stacy comes out instead. Hurricane starts out on fire and lures Tomko out of the ring, and Tomko comes out, and sees the backside of a bending over Stacy. Hurricane runs around, gets back in the ring and baseball slides Tomko. They get back in the ring, and Hurricane nails the Overcast for 2. Trish distracts him, Tomko nails the thrust kick to the chest for the win.
Winner – Tomko

Trish confronts Stacy, and hits her in the gut with the cast. Hurricane is out, and it seems like Stacy is getting going to get a Military Press Slam, but out comes someone in black and red .it’s ROSEY!!! He is a SuperHero NOW!!! He takes out Tomko, and they celebrate. Cool outfit, huge red R, and a real Aldo Montoya like mask that’s red.

Batista and Flair walking, but HHH has to talk to him about his match tonight.


Chris Benoit vs. Batista (w/ Ric Flair)
Benoit tries to chop Batista in the corner, but Batista shoves him off, and charges out with a shoulder block. Batista then hammers away in the corner. Batista charges at Benoit, but Benoit ducks, and nails the Trifecta of Germans. Benoit calls for the headbutt, but Batista gets up, and takes Benoit’s head off with a clothesline. They go to the outside, and Batista bangs Benoit around on the steps and posts. Back in the ring, Batista is manhandling Benoit. Batista gets Benoit’s foot tangled in the top and 2nd rope, and tosses him over the side, and Batista hammers away on the upside down Benoit. Batista wouldn’t let the ref untangle Benoit, and the ref calls for the DQ.
Winner via DQ – Benoit

After the bell, the ref untangles Benoit, but Batista gets in the ring, and nails the DEMON BOMB for good measure.


Recap of Benoit being carried helped away from the ring.

Rewind – Lita standing up to KANE

Lita finds Matt backstage. He tells her that he still doesn’t know how to handle the situation. She understands, and tells him to take all the time he wants. She wants to tell him that she loves him to death, but she will have the baby with or without him.

New Guy Todd with Orton. Orton flashes he Legend Killer shirt, and he says that Edge’s first title reign was 1 day, his was 7 months. Edge enters. He says that he didn’t come back to be a statistic on the back of an Orton shirt. He tells Orton that he has some serious issues, but if his dad was Roddy Piper’s personal bitch, he would have issues too. HAHA.


Chris Jericho vs. KANE
Jericho tries to jump KANE before the bell, but KANE gets the best of him. KANE with a big boot, then a leg drop for 2. KANE locks on the camel clutch. KANE lets go, and Jericho starts working on KANE’s leg. Jericho hits the bulldog, then goes for the Lionsault, but KANE moves, and Jericho lands on his feet, but KANE tosses Jericho over top. KANE comes out, but Jericho shoves KANE’s head off the ringpost twice, then a running enzaguri. The Ref is counting, and Jericho gets back in the ring, and KANE is counted out.
Winner – Jericho

Bischoff comes out and restarts the match as falls counts anywhere.


We come back, and Jericho dives off the top rope on the floor on KANE for 2. They show footage of them fighting all over the arena. They then start fighting in the crowd. Back and forth. Jericho, in desperation, nails KANE with the camera crane, and Jericho drops down. Batista comes out, and tosses Jericho into the wall in the crowd, and KANE makes the pin.
Winner – KANE

It’s sad when KANE needs help to win a damn match against someone ½ his size.


JR announces that McMahon, Foley and Stacy will be a part of the Democratic convention.

Recap of the Diva Special last week, Coach was hilarious.

The Diva girls come out again in Bikini’s. My only prediction is that the twins will not win, because they can not be split up. Being twins got them to the finals, but being twins will not get either one of them the win. I think Carmella will win, hands down.

SmackDown! Rebound

  • Recap of the Cage Match
  • El Grand Luchador helping JBL win
  • Eddie unmasking Luchador to reveal Angle


    Edge (c) vs. Randy Orton – WWE Intercontinental Title
    Tie-ups and grapples to start. Edge sends Orton to the corner, Edge charges, Orton lifts him over the ropes, but Edge holds on to Orton’s arm, and hangs it over the top rope. Edge is dominating, but Orton sends him to the outside again. They scrap on the floor, and Orton slams Edge’s back on the wall, and Edge falls over.


    Orton is all over Edge when we come back. They both hit the ropes, and a they both go for a Crossbody. They both get up and fire punches back and forth. Orton goes to the top, and goes for his old finishing Crossbody, but Edge ducks, and rolls up Orton for 2. Edge goes for a suplex, but hangs Orton on the top rope. Orton on the apron, gets speared down to the retaining wall. Edge gets Orton back in the ring, missile drop kick for 2. Edge goes for a spear, but Orton moves, but Edge turns him around into the Edge-o-matic for 2. Edge goes up again, goes for a Crossbody, but Orton moves the ref in the way, and the ref is squashed. Orton takes out Edge, gets a chair, but when he gets in the ring, Edge nails a spear, but no one is there to count. Orton with a low blow, then the RKO. Orton rolls over, and the ref makes the count, but Edge kicks out at 2. Edge climbs up the ropes, elbows Orton, then a spear for a slow 2 count. Both men up, Edge wraps up Orton in a backslide, then puts his feet on the ropes for the pin!! EDGE WINS WITH A BACKSLIDE!!!
    Winner – Edge

    Show Over, Benoit vs. HHH next week to start the show!!!


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