411’s WWE Raw Report 08.02.04


411’s WWE Raw Report 08.02.04
Live from Texas
Announcers are JR & The King
Report done *EXCLUSIVELY* for 411MANIA by PK

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Thanks to Ashish and the rest of the 411 crew for putting up with my Raw Recap for 1 month shy of 4 YEARS!

Enough of the tear works RAW!

Recap of the Iron Man Match.

Intro .1/2 way through, HHH stops the intro and gets in the ring. He says that last week he was supposed to become the 9 time World Heavyweight Champion, but it was all taken away by a moron someone who doesn’t even comprehend what will happen now. He then calls Eugene down to the ring, telling him that he is not leaving the ring until he pays the price for what he did. HHH starts flipping out, and screaming for Eugene. William Regal comes out and tells us all that Eugene is not in the building. He then informs HHH that he was the one that let Eugene in the building. Regal informs us all that HHH was his student back in WCW, 11 years ago, and that is because they are both naughty, and people like that tend to gravitate towards each other, but Regal informs him that by taking advantage of Eugene, he has made the mistake of making Regal his enemy. Regal then says that if HHH wants a fight, he will go back, change to his gear, and go at HHH with all the “Violent Venom” he has in his body!

Diva’s dancing I really don’t like the red head, she seems annoying.


Coach comes back, and Camelle is eliminated. If I call her the blonde one, would you guys know who I’m talking about? Coach then says that tonight the girls are campaigning for our votes.

La Resistance vs. Rhyno & Tajiri
Non-Title Match. Rhyno is on fire to start, and Tajiri joins the fun. R&T double team Greiner, sends him off the ropes, Greiner takes out Rhyno, but not Tajiri. Conway gets in the mix, but Rhyno drill him with a GORE GORE GORE, and Tajiri with a sunset flip for the quick pin. Very short match.
Winners – Rhyno & Tajiri

Regal vs. HHH is confirmed for tonight.


New Guy Todd is with Orton. Orton says that when he wins at SummerSlam, he will become the youngest Champion, at the age 24, and it is destiny that he lost the IC Title to Edge.

SmackDown Rebound:

  • Vince makes Teddy Long the new GM.
  • Booker T wins an 8 man elimination match to become the new US Champion.
  • Teddy Long tells Angle that he will compete next week, or he will be fined dolla dolla bills
  • Eddie puts all of GM Angle’s stuff up for auction on wwe.com, and Angle comes out to steal Eddie’s car, but it’s booby trapped.

    Lita and Keibs chatting away, and Lita comes in. Matt says that he made the decision to be with Lita, no matter what. He wants to have a family. He wants to get married, no matter what. They start making out.


    WWE Rewind: Trish and Tomko attacking Stacy, only for Rosey to save the day.

    Tyson Tomko (w/ Trish) vs. Rosey (w/ Stacy)
    Both men go toe to toe, with Rosey overpowering Tomko, sending him to the outside. Rosey in the corner, Tomko charges, Rosey with his boot up, then a 2nd rope leg drop. Rosey off the ropes, Trish grabs Rosey’s ankle, distracts Rosey, and Rosey turns around into Tomko’s boot for the pin.
    Winner – Tomko

    Recap of Jericho eliminating Edge last week.


    Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel
    Jericho introduces Edge, who asked to be on the Reel tonight. Jericho said that the IC title Match at SummerSlam will be Edge vs. Batista vs. Y2J. Edge says he wasn’t happy with Jericho eliminating him last week. Jericho says that if Edge had the chance, he would do the same thing. Edge agrees, but he had to watch as Orton eliminated Jericho, and he then says that Jericho hasn’t been dumped that badly since Trish Status. Ouch. Jericho says that he knows Edge enough to know that he will win the IC Title from him at SummerSlam. They then stare down. Edge goes to walk away, and Jericho grabs him, only to get drilled. They then go toe to toe, and Edge gets a massive spear in. Edge goes out and gets a chair, but eventually comes to his senses and puts it down. He then helps Jericho up, and Jericho gives him a stiff right. Lets not forget that they are teammates tonight.

    HHH vs. Regal next.


    Triple H vs. William Regal
    HHH comes out first, and Regal jumps him. Regal is in his Bluebloods tights. Regal bounces HHH’s head off the stage, the announce table, ring post, ring steps, then finally in the ring. The Ref rings the bell, and HHH cold cocks Regal, but his fist was loaded with some knucks and the ref rings the bell.
    No Contest

    HHH gets a sledgehammer, and slams it against the ring steps a few times to make us all realize its real. Regal crotches HHH, and goes for the knucks, but when Regal goes to punch him, HHH drills him in the forehead with the hammer. Regal is just pouring blood now. HHH then drops a knee on Regals crotch, and Regal sells it like a champ. Medics come out and put Regal in a cervical collar, and start to wheel him away. HHH tells Regal that Eugene is next, the flips the stretcher.


    HHH washing blood off his hands, and Bischoff comes in. He says he wants to see the same thing after SummerSlam, because he will be facing Eugene.

    The Divas campaigning bad

    KANE confronts Lita, and Bischoff made KANE vs. Mattitude, and KANE wants the stipulation to be the Winner Marries Lita. KANE says that it’s a shame she can’t wear white on their wedding night. HAHAHA. Lita slaps him silly.


    KANE vs. Maven
    Maven brings it to KANE, and KANE has to exit for a second. Maven goes to jump on the outside, but KANE moves, and starts to destroy Maven. KANE with a huge sidewalk slam. KANE with a choke slam for the pin.
    Winner – KANE

    KANE on the mic, says that was an example of what he would do to Matt at SummerSlam. He calls it the first ever “Till Death Do Us Part Match.” That rules.


    SummerSlam Card:

  • JBL vs. Undertaker
  • Eddie vs. Angle
  • Orton vs. Benoit
  • Edge vs. Batista vs. Jericho
  • KANE vs. Mattitude
  • HHH vs. Eugene

    Coach runs down the Diva contestants again. Bleh.


    Ric Flair, Randy Orton, & Batista vs. Chris Jericho, Edge, & Chris Benoit
    Edge goes right after Orton, and the bell rings. Jericho in, and he is all over Orton. Orton fights back, Flair in, Jericho is all over him. Jericho and Benoit play ping pong with Flair’s head. Benoit in, backslide for 2, but it’s too close to Evo’s corner, and Batista is tagged in. Batista is mauling Benoit in the corner, then a huge sidewalk slam for 2. Orton in. Flair in. Flair chops down Benoit, and locks on the Figure 4. Benoit turns over, and Batista comes in to break it up. Flair then rolls to his corner and Batista is tagged in. Batista works on Benoit’s lower back. Batista puts Benoit to the corner, Batista charges, but misses, and goes shoulder first to the post. Jericho in, Batista grabs Jericho, goes for a powerslam, but Jericho slides out and chop blocks him. Jericho with a bulldog, then the Lionsault for 2, when Orton breaks it up. All 6 men in the ring, and the faces clear the ring.


    We come back and Orton has a headlock on Edge. Edge gets out, and Orton is on the apron, with his back turned, and Edge spears him down to the wall. Orton gets to Flair, and Flair and Edge go back and forth. Flair to the top, Edge brings him down, both tag, Jericho and Orton in. Orton with the Above Average neckbreaker, Flair back in. Flair goes for the Figure 4, but Jericho trips him up and goes for the Walls. Flair fights out, and Benoit is tagged in. Benoit and Flair go the floor, Benoit with a back body drop on the floor, both men back in, Flair tags in Batista. Batista charges right out of the corner, right into the Crossface. Orton breaks it up, Benoit tags in Jericho. Batista keeps Jericho in the corner, and tags in Flair. Jericho gets to Flair, and locks on The Walls, but Batista breaks it up. Jericho with standing dropkicks to both Batista and Orton, but Batista pops back up and drills Jericho with a huge spinebuster. Batista then with a powerslam, Orton in. Orton drops a few knees, and locks a sleeper on Jericho. Jericho fights out, but Orton gets to Batista. Batista with a backbreaker for 2. Batista with and abdominal stretch. Batista lets go and takes out Edge on the apron. Batista then goes for another powerslam, but Jericho flips through and nails a running enzaguri. Benoit it, he takes out all 3 members of Evo, with Orton being the legal man. Benoit with the Trifecta of Germans, then the Swandive for 2, when Flair breaks it up. Edge with a spear on Flair, Batista all over Edge, Jericho and Edge collide. Flair goes for the Figure 4, but Benoit flips though and locks on the Sharpshooter. Flair isn’t legal, and Orton comes out of nowhere with an RKO for the pin! Awesome.

    Show Over.

    Thanks for the memories 411.


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