Powerless #2 Review

Reviewer: James Hatton
Story Title: N/A

Written by: Matt Cherniss & Peter Johnson
Art by: Michael Gaydos
Colored by: Lee Loughridge
Lettered by: Dave Sharpe
Publisher: Marvel Comics

I put my foot down this week. I was asked to review Venom vs. Carnage, and I said no. I didn’t buy the book, and I sure as hell didn’t want to have to. Thank you Chris for allowing me to review a book that I am enjoying. A book where I won’t feel dirty at the end of it, and won’t feel like an ass when I pick it up and purchase it at the comics store.

Your revulsion at reviewing Venom vs. Carnage was quite evident; how could I do any less? That book could end a marriage, let alone a friendship. I was all too happy to increase the sanity of the world by transferring your gifts elsewhere. –Chris

Powerless makes me virile. Venom/Carnage makes me smell like basements, Funions, and lack of sex.

Powerless is a presentation of a good idea. Venom/Carnage is a hackneyed attempt to bring back Liefeld, Clone Sagas, and all that goes ‘CRAP’ in the night.

Powerless is good. Venom/Carnage is sadly going to have more people buying it.


This is the Wolvie issue. As it is in the dictum of all Marvel offerings that sooner or later Wolverine will become involved, here is his moment to shine. He apparently killed Charles Xavier, but we shouldn’t believe that. He’s Logan, friend to Alpha Flight and every other book ever.

On the otherside, we have Peter Parker who is at ends with Norman Osborne, Matt Murdock who is trying to take down the Kingpin, and Bruce Banner who is as nutty as a fruitcake. All your classic stories are there and ready to be tangled with, and slowly they are.

This book, along with 1602 is Marvel trying to do something that DC did with Elseworlds. The concept of taking all we know as comic law, and readjusting it somewhat. Cherniss & Johnson are doing it justice as well. There are four or so subtle plots that are moving closer to each other with each passing page, that the last issue should be just one big bar brawl.

Venom and Carnage do not appear in this book, but I guarantee that if they
did.. it would suck.


I really wish these guys would give a credit for cover art more often, because this cover is actually very good. It takes something we know, with Wolvie’s claws, and shows you it’s ‘Powerless’ version. If you know anything about Wolverine, and you can define the word ‘Powerless’, then you are already on your way to figuring out what this book is about. Plus it’s a good rib on the Astonishing X-Men cover.

Michael Gaydos can draw superheroes. Nobody will ever confuse him with another artist if they look real hard. Mignola is similar, but Gaydos’ faces are much more expressive. Maleev does it, but his faces are much creepier and shadowed. Gaydos gives you an expressive face, with all of those deep lines that show just the sheer pain in any number of characters.

Then again, Gaydos would look horrible if he wasn’t colored right. Oh, and if Gaydos/Loughridge did a comic about Carnage and Venom, it wouldn’t be worth the paper it was drawn on, but that’s not their fault.


Powerless is a strong title. It takes your conceived notions of Marvel Universe, plays with it, and gives you a good story to explain its hook. I also have no idea where they are leading the story, and for as much as I know all about what happens to Gwen Stacy, I just don’t know how they might fit it in. The same goes for Matt/Kingpin and a couple other subplots. I recommend you not to buy Venom/Carnage, and buy two issues of this. Give one to someone you love.