Ultimate Nightmare #1 Review

Reviewer: James Hatton
Story Title: N/A

Written by: Warren Ellis
Penciled by: Trevor Hairsine
Inked by: Simon Coleby
Colored by: Frank D’Armata
Lettered by: Chris Eliopoulos
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Somewhere your TV flickers…
…alien faces appear screaming…
…their lives and world are ending…

Theyyyrrreee Heeeerrrreeee

Ultimate Nightmare. It seems that the way they are going to do any kind of ‘ Ultimate’ crossover is to put out a small single book, ala Ultimate War or Ultimate Six. In years to come you can also expect to read at one point in time or another: Ultimate Thingy, Ultimate Boom, and Ultimately Ultimate Ultimatum: The Ultimitizing.

My Ultimate Nightmare involves Bea Arthur, and a shark, and bees – and when ever Bea Arthur tells it to, the shark opens it’s mouth up and bees come out; let’s find out what Warren’s is:


At the turn of the century, a mysterious event literally hit an area in central Siberia known as Tunguska. Scientists have been researching this ever since, trying to figure out what happened, why it happened, and if or when it will happen again. Warren Ellis knows why it happened, and apparently the Ultimates and X-Men are going to find out.

A mysterious signal coming from the Tunguskan blast is starting to throw electronics all wonky. People are starting to receive these messages and act on them, and when you get startling visuals and audio from screaming aliens on other planets, what do you do? Of course! You kill yourself.

So Xavier is sending up a team, and Nick Fury is sending up a team, hilarity will ensue. Oh, and we get Ultimate Falcon.


Once again, Ultimate covers prove to be both epic in scale, but useless in knowledge. If you wanted to be surprised about the six people that are heading up to help out”¦ no surprises. Oh except that Falcon thing.

Internally, Hairsine has a good style. It’s very detailed, and comes across beautifully. His dramatic last page double splash was beautiful looking. I see him as being a perfect fill in when Hitch decides that he is going to spend three months working on one issue.


With Ultimate Nightmare not getting the same kind of push that Ultimate War or even Ultimate Six did, it came out with more a whisper than a roar. It seems like it’s going to be some good fun, and I am going to guess we shall see some classic marvel Moment defined in the Ultimate verse. My girlfriend is rooting for Ultimate Galactus.

My theory on this idea is that Ultimate Galactus should be black.