InsidePULSE’s Live WWE RAW Coverage | 6 Diva Tag

Stacy, Victoria & Nidia vs. Molly, Gail & Jazz
Molly and Victoria start, they go back and forth with tie-ups. Victoria runs rampant, but Molly ducks a clothesline, and takes out Victoria. Gail in, Victoria up quick, headlock on Gail, Stacy in. Gail tosses Stacy to the outside, and distracts the ref while Molly attacks Stacy. Molly rolls Stacy back in, and Gail gets a 2 count. Jazz in, distracts the ref and Victoria while Gail and Molly double team Stacy. Molly in, whips Jazz at Stacy, but Stacy puts her boot up. Molly comes at Stacy with a clothesline, and then takes out Nidia and Victoria. Stacy with a roundhouse, Nidia in, and a melee ensues. Molly goes roughshot on Nidia, nails a nasty looking swinging neckbreaker. Molly is distracted with Victoria, then Nidia comes out of nowhere, and rolls up Molly for the pin.
Winners — Nidia/Stacy/Victoria

Trish comes out, and talks to all 6 diva’s off mic, and they all walk out together.

Recap of Regal/HHH from last week.