InsidePULSE’s Live WWE RAW Coverage | Jericho vs. Edge Part I

Slam of the Week — Edge and Jericho’s scrapple last week.

Edge vs. Chris Jericho
Non-Title match. Tie-ups to start, Jericho starts to work on Edge’s shoulder. They fire chops back and forth, then Edge pins Jericho to the corner, and nails 9 out of the 10 punches, but Jericho takes him down, and goes for a splash, but Edge puts his knees up. Back to a stalemate, and this seems to be a very slow paced match. Edge in the corner, Jericho charges, Edge dodges, Edge with a roll up for 2, Jericho with a running forearm, Edge to the outside. Edge is on the apron, and Jericho goes for his springboard dropkick, but Edge ducks it, and Jericho falls all the way to the outside. Jericho attempts to get up on the apron, but Edge nails a spear, and Jericho flies back to the wall.