InsidePULSE’s Live WWE RAW Coverage | Eugene/HHH


Eugene comes out to the ring. He is yelling for HHH, but he doesn’t have a mic. He finally gets one and he wants HHH to come out because he hurt Regal. HHH appears on the tron, and tells Eugene that he is mad at the wrong guy. He should be mad at himself. HHH tells him that he doesn’t belong, but he came back, and cost HHH the World Title. He said that he sent a message through Regal with a sledgehammer. He said that maybe he needs to be a little more clear. He then tells Eugene that he didn’t listen to Regal when he told Eugene to stay put at the hotel, but he is in the ring, calling out HHH, whereas HHH is in his hotel room, and he has taken out Regal again. HHH says that at SummerSlam, he will personally make sure that Eugene gets out of the business. Eugene runs up the ramp crying, it looks like he might be headed back to the hotel.

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