InsidePULSE’s Live WWE RAW Coverage | HHH/Orton vs. Benoit/Eugene


Randy Orton & Triple H (w/ Ric Flair) vs. Chris Benoit & Eugene
Benoit tells us that Eugene went back to the hotel, so this is now a handicap match. Benoit says that it doesn’t matter to the Wolverine. Benoit runs wild on both members of Evo. He hits the Trifecta of German early on HHH. Orton on the apron, but Benoit takes him down. Benoit goes up for the Swandive, but Flair distracts him, and HHH crotches him. HHH tags in Orton. Orton goes nuts on Benoit, slugging away, HHH back in. HHH stomps away on Benoit in the corner. Orton back in, more punching and kicking, HHH back in. HHH with a knee, gets 2. HHH puts Benoit into Evo’s corner, but Benoit starts to fight back, only for Orton to get involved. Orton tagged in, Orton locks on the rear chin lock. HHH back in, Benoit fires up, and they go toe to toe. HHH sends Benoit off the ropes, then nails a HUGE Spinebuster for 2. Benoit rolls to the outside, Orton and HHH distracts the ref, and Flair beats down Benoit a bit. Orton tagged in, sends Benoit to the ropes, but Benoit puts the brakes on, and rolls up Orton for 2. Orton up first, goes to the top, but Benoit crotches him. HHH runs in, Benoit gives him a German. Benoit gets up the turnbuckle, and gives Orton a SUPERPLEX. All 3 men are down. HHH and Benoit up first, HHH off the ropes, Benoit with a back body drop, then a back suplex. Benoit then chops away on Orton, but HHH gets to Benoit, and goes for a Pedigree, only for Benoit to back body drop HHH to the outside. Benoit locks the Sharpshooter on Orton, but Flair distracts him, and Benoit lets go. Benoit then KO’s Flair, and locks the Crossface on Orton. As soon as Orton is about to tap, Flair comes in and causes the DQ.
Winner via DQ — Benoit

Benoit fights off Flair and Orton, but HHH hits the Pedigree. Eugene then comes running down, and attacks HHH. HHH leaves quickly, and he takes turns using Flair and Orton as punching bags to end the show.

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