Major Brock Lesnar Update


Following up the previous story on Brock Lesnar, The Kansas City Star wasn’t kind to Brock Lesnar when it detailed the fight that he started in its Friday edition.

The story was titled “Circus in Town.” It said:

“The Vikings have Brock Lesnar on their roster, a former pro wrestling star who is trying to play football for the first time since high school. It’s quite the story in the Twin Cities and Lesnar is watched carefully by the fans and media. The only problem is he can’t play; he’s a defensive tackle with no concept of the game. The Vikings have a member of their staff who leads the guy around and points him in the right direction. During the morning workout he came crashing into Chiefs quarterback Damon Huard’s knees, a no-no for any defensive players, given the fact the QBs are wearing a yellow jersey. It means do not touch. Lesnar later started the first of two melees when he unnecessarily piled onto Chiefs running back Jonathan Smith as he was on the ground. If the Vikings want to waste their time with the guy, that’s fine. But they shouldn’t subject him to another team, when the guy is stumbling around with no sense of the game. It’s a circus and he’s going to hurt somebody.”

The interesting thing is that the Chiefs were one of the teams that were pursuing Lesnar before he signed a practice contract with the Vikings, so it could be a case of sour grapes.

In addition, Lesnar was also featured in ESPN magazine in a story with a list of surprises. Brock Lesnar is included as he begins his quest to make it in the NFL. The story featured numerous quips about Brock. They include “No need to stay on top of a guy for three seconds after a tackle,” “Wearing a cape is a uniform violation,” “Goal posts not nearly as well-cushioned as turnbuckles,” and “Much better scripts”.

Credit: Wade Keller,