Rock Returns To Samoa And Note On Hacksaw Jim Duggan


The Rock returned to Samoa yesterday for a visit. It was a lead story on the New Zealand news and here’s a link to the video.

If that does not work you can find it by going to and going down to the box in the bottom right corner “videos” where it is accessible.

There is a story about Hacksaw Jim Duggan turning 50 in the Texas City Sun. It reads:

At 50, most men begin to slow down and become more mindful of their body’s limits.

Jim Duggan isn’t most men.

After 25 years of bruising, body slams and a bout with liver cancer, Duggan, know better as “Hacksaw,” is still having fun in a sport reserved for younger men. Though not as agile as he was two decades ago, the 6’3, 275-pounder can more than hold his own against opponents who grew up watching him, dishing out more punishment than he takes.

The rest of the story is available HERE.