Reaction To Dodgeball Match, Other WWE Tidbits


It is clear that many WWE wrestlers and other staff were not impressed with the announcement of the Diva Dodgeball disaster at Summerslam. They feel that there is something wrong that qualified wrestlers are being left off the card in favor of women in a tease match. The word is that the match will be short anyway so it should not cause too much of a concern.

Smackdown in Philadelphia will air on Saturday, August 14th at 8:00 PM. It will be preempted on Thursday by Phillies baseball.

It is rumored that Eric Bischoff missed last night’s show to attend his annual PPV in Sturgis. has four additional videos up on the site from RAW last night. They feature a Triple H interview from after RAW, Lita backstage, the Divas with more Dodgeball and Chandra exiting the “competition.”

Credit: Dave Scherer,