InsidePulse’s NWA:TNA Coverage: Team Canada vs. 3 Live Krew


Scott D’Amore pumps up Team Canada. Fiery promo directed at each guy.

Clips from the first ever Raven/SAbu match last week.

Clips from last week’s Russo/Dusty/JJ/Hardy setgment

Team Canada w/Scott D’Amore vs. 3 Live Krew
BG James cuts a promo. Winner of this match gets a title shot against the Naturals. 3LK take over control and James tags in Konnan. Konnan is in pretty good shape for him. Tag back to James. TC takes control and beats down James for a time. Showtime Eric Young gets a cover but James grabs a bottom rope. Tag back to Johnny Devine. More beatings. Finally James gets the hot tag and Konnan is your proverbial houseafire. Don West refers to Konnan as K-Dawg! Crossface by Konnan on Young and Devine hits a dropkick to Konnan’s head to break up the submission. Konnan gets another submission on Young, but Bobby Roode comes down, distracts Konnan and the ref, and D’Amore comes in and knocks out Konnan with a hockey stick. Young makes the easy cover for the pin. Dusty Rhodes comes down and tells the ref what happened, and the ref overrules his own decision and restarts the match. Wow a Dusty Finish by DUSTY HIMSELF. As I was typing 3LK got the pin on Young with a cross body and they win the match a few seconds after it restarted.
Winners: Team Canada

D’Amore had to be held back by Team Canada to try to get to Dusty.

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