InsidePulse’s NWA:TNA Coverage: Shelley vs. Mystery Opponent

D’Amore had to be held back by Team Canada to try to get to Dusty.

Recap of the Goldylocks storylines.

Shane Douglas interviews Goldylocks backstage. She is being tended to by Sonny Siaki, Shark Boy and Alex Shelley. D Ray approaches and apparently he dropped a huge deuce. She acts rich and snobby. Abyss comes up and she scolds him for being late. She berates him endlessly. Abyss fumes in the corner and Shane is worried.

Alex Shelley w/Goldylocks vs. Desire’s Mystery Opponent
Desire comes out and brings out”¦ Ekmo. Tenay: OOOOohhh. Umm.. That makes sense! It’s Sonny Siaki’s former tag team partner. When did Siaki turn face? Ekmo goes to work on shelley. Ekmo is the former Jamal from 3 Minute Warning. Ekmo controls for the bulk of the match. After a while, Goldylocks comes down and barrels into Ekmo for Reasons Unknown, and Desire bounces and they cat fight to the floor. Frogsplash by Ekmo for the pin, but the ref is on the floor with the cat fight. Abyss is here and he whacks Ekmo with a chair. And another. And the Black Hole Slam. Abyss throws Shelley on top for the pin.
Winner: Alex Shelley

After the match Abyss takes the briefcase of cash and hugs it. Goldylocks grabs the case and acts pissed. Abyss is sad.