InsidePulse’s NWA:TNA Coverage: Sabu, Raven, Brown, Killings

Out of nowhere Sabu brings Raven into the ring and pounds him endlessly with chairs and a chain. He hangs Raven. Raven pulls him over the top onto the floor. Raven takes control and brings Sabu into the ring. Sonjay Dutt comes down for a double team on Raven. Refs are involved. The bell is ringing over and over. You cannot pull theses two apart!!!

Long Hardy/Jarrett video package with a mystery date.

Tenay is in the ring and sets the date for the match Jeff vs. Jeff on September 8, 2004. The location???? RIGHT HERE AT THE ASYLUM! Is that a surprise? Monty Brown comes down and he looks unhappy. He has a mic and I was right, he is unhappy about this title match without the Alpha Male. He challenges the winner. That unlucky guy will get the Pounce. (he said Pounce really weird, like Sebastian Bach if that makes sense.). Ron The Truth Killings comes down and he feels that Brown should go through him for the title shot and they brawl. Killings is awesome. Dusty comes out and makes a match for next week — Killings vs. Brown.