InsidePulse’s NWA:TNA Coverage: David Young vs. Gilberti

David Young/Glenn Gilberti promo.

Shane Douglas interviews Gilberti and Johnny Swinger who is prancing around in his outfit. Whoever loses is out of TNA. Big Vito comes up and calls Gilberti an embarrassment. Vito berates them about the NYC and tag team gold.

Final Gut Check Challenge
Glenn Gilberti vs. David Young
The loser is out of TNA. They are really pounding away on how both of these guys are losers. Gilberti controls most of the match. They claim Young is 0-93 coming into this match. Basically a squash. Young fights back a bit with some punches. Young has control and the ref is out, Johnny Swinger comes down and knocks out Young with brass knucks. The ref is up and Gilberti covers. Young kicks out! Minor pop. Dropkicks all around. Young uses the brass knucks on Gilberti and covers for the shocking pin.
Winner: David Young

Apparently Gilberti is out of TNA. Vito comes down and yells at him.