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Scott D’Amore pumps up Team Canada. Fiery promo directed at each guy.

Clips from the first ever Raven/SAbu match last week.

Clips from last week’s Russo/Dusty/JJ/Hardy setgment

Team Canada w/Scott D’Amore vs. 3 Live Krew
BG James cuts a promo. Winner of this match gets a title shot against the Naturals. 3LK take over control and James tags in Konnan. Konnan is in pretty good shape for him. Tag back to James. TC takes control and beats down James for a time. Showtime Eric Young gets a cover but James grabs a bottom rope. Tag back to Johnny Devine. More beatings. Finally James gets the hot tag and Konnan is your proverbial houseafire. Don West refers to Konnan as K-Dawg! Crossface by Konnan on Young and Devine hits a dropkick to Konnan’s head to break up the submission. Konnan gets another submission on Young, but Bobby Roode comes down, distracts Konnan and the ref, and D’Amore comes in and knocks out Konnan with a hockey stick. Young makes the easy cover for the pin. Dusty Rhodes comes down and tells the ref what happened, and the ref overrules his own decision and restarts the match. Wow a Dusty Finish by DUSTY HIMSELF. As I was typing 3LK got the pin on Young with a cross body and they win the match a few seconds after it restarted.
Winners: Team Canada

D’Amore had to be held back by Team Canada to try to get to Dusty.

Recap of the Goldylocks storylines.

Shane Douglas interviews Goldylocks backstage. She is being tended to by Sonny Siaki, Shark Boy and Alex Shelley. D Ray approaches and apparently he dropped a huge deuce. She acts rich and snobby. Abyss comes up and she scolds him for being late. She berates him endlessly. Abyss fumes in the corner and Shane is worried.

Alex Shelley w/Goldylocks vs. Desire’s Mystery Opponent
Desire comes out and brings out”¦ Ekmo. Tenay: OOOOohhh. Umm.. That makes sense! It’s Sonny Siaki’s former tag team partner. When did Siaki turn face? Ekmo goes to work on shelley. Ekmo is the former Jamal from 3 Minute Warning. Ekmo controls for the bulk of the match. After a while, Goldylocks comes down and barrels into Ekmo for Reasons Unknown, and Desire bounces and they cat fight to the floor. Frogsplash by Ekmo for the pin, but the ref is on the floor with the cat fight. Abyss is here and he whacks Ekmo with a chair. And another. And the Black Hole Slam. Abyss throws Shelley on top for the pin.
Winner: Alex Shelley

After the match Abyss takes the briefcase of cash and hugs it. Goldylocks grabs the case and acts pissed. Abyss is sad.

Out of nowhere Sabu brings Raven into the ring and pounds him endlessly with chairs and a chain. He hangs Raven. Raven pulls him over the top onto the floor. Raven takes control and brings Sabu into the ring. Sonjay Dutt comes down for a double team on Raven. Refs are involved. The bell is ringing over and over. You cannot pull theses two apart!!!

Long Hardy/Jarrett video package with a mystery date.

Tenay is in the ring and sets the date for the match Jeff vs. Jeff on September 8, 2004. The location???? RIGHT HERE AT THE ASYLUM! Is that a surprise? Monty Brown comes down and he looks unhappy. He has a mic and I was right, he is unhappy about this title match without the Alpha Male. He challenges the winner. That unlucky guy will get the Pounce. (he said Pounce really weird, like Sebastian Bach if that makes sense.). Ron The Truth Killings comes down and he feels that Brown should go through him for the title shot and they brawl. Killings is awesome. Dusty comes out and makes a match for next week — Killings vs. Brown.

David Young/Glenn Gilberti promo.

Shane Douglas interviews Gilberti and Johnny Swinger who is prancing around in his outfit. Whoever loses is out of TNA. Big Vito comes up and calls Gilberti an embarrassment. Vito berates them about the NYC and tag team gold.

Final Gut Check Challenge
Glenn Gilberti vs. David Young
The loser is out of TNA. They are really pounding away on how both of these guys are losers. Gilberti controls most of the match. They claim Young is 0-93 coming into this match. Basically a squash. Young fights back a bit with some punches. Young has control and the ref is out, Johnny Swinger comes down and knocks out Young with brass knucks. The ref is up and Gilberti covers. Young kicks out! Minor pop. Dropkicks all around. Young uses the brass knucks on Gilberti and covers for the shocking pin.
Winner: David Young

Apparently Gilberti is out of TNA. Vito comes down and yells at him.

Shane Douglas interviews Vince Russo about Dusty Rhodes. Jeff Jarrett gets in his face and says Dusty is aiming for his job. JJ says Russo has no supporters, so AJ Styles appears and they argue, followed by Styles attacking JJ and a brawl.

They brawl into the ring for a while, and Monty Brown comes down. Double Flying clothesline by Styles on both, then a POUNCE to take down Styles. Double team continues until Ron Killings makes the save and it’s brawling madness. The bell continues to ring. It’s madness. After a while Jeff Hardy comes down for the save and takes down JJ and Brown. Jarrett back in, Hardy rebounds and celebrates. Girls jump and scream!

Best of 3 Challenge
Triple X vs. America’s Most Wanted
Before I forget, I just wanted to note how much Don West has improved since TNA began. He might give Tazz a run for his money for the best major color commentator in wrestling in 2004. He knows the product very well and puts over everything well. Back and forth match for a while. Awesome double team bearhug/clothelines by AMW. Primetime blocks Harris’s finisher and Daniels comes in and PT gets a 2 count on Harris. Lots of quick action. Double team backbreaker/double axe from the top by Daniels onto Harris. Locks of counters and Storm with a super kick on Daniels. AMX calls for the Death Penalty but PT sends Storm to the floor to break it up. Both teams get some quick falls in the ring. Spear by Storm out of no where on Daniels for the pin and the first match in the series.
Winners: AMW

Daniels is down. Apparently he has reinjured his separated shoulder. Storm looks concerned as the medics come.

Shane Douglas interviews Raven. Talks about Sonjay Dutt and the Hangman’s Horror 2 match, the first being vs. VAMPIRO! Raven mocks Sabu for being a PR creation of Paul Heyman. The first time, Raven beat him. The second time? He retires him. Nevermore.

Weird promo for a new wrestler we don’t get a good look at.

JJ and Hardy are in action on IMPACT!

Last week’s lineup:
Tag Titles
The Naturals vs. 3 Live Krew

Match 2

Ron “the Truth” Killings vs. Monty Brown

Hangman’s Horror 2
Raven vs. Sabu

Shane Douglas interviews Michael Shane and Kazarian. They are mad about having to do this crazy match tonight. Shane says they aren’t Shawn and Marty, they are friends til the end. Hmmm.

X Division Gauntlet video package. They run down all the major participants.

X Division Championship
Gauntlet for the Gold
Kazarian is #1. Sonjay Dutt is #2. Time periods are 60 seconds. They brawl a bit. #3 is Chad Collier, one of Jarrett’s “hired mercenaries”. #4 is”¦ LA PARKA! The chairman of TNA as called by Tenay! Apparently he is La Park only now. That is curious. All four still in the ring. #5 is Miyamoto. Sonjay flies at Collier but Chad pulls the top rope down and Dutt tumbles out of the ring. #6 is Jerry Lynn. Collier charges Lynn who backdrops him out. La Park grabs Lynn and chops him. #7 is Joey Matthews. #8 is Nosawa who joins Miyamoto as both Team Japan. Jerry Lynn is out. Huge pop for #9 AJ Styles. Ring is filling up nicely. Styles selling the brawl from earlier. Styles pounds Miyamoto out of the ring. Styles ducks Nosawa’s elimination attempt and does a springboard clothesline to take down Nosawa. #10 is Chris Vaughn from Black Shirt Security. Some arm drags, then La Park takes him down and DOES A DANCE! La Park is in yellow and black for those who follow that stuff. #11 is Petey Williams. Canadian Destroyer is the coolest move ever. Face to face with AJ and Joey Matthews takes out Styles from behind. Styles eliminates Matthews and goes to work on Nosawa. #12 is D Ray 3000 who gets a big pop. And as he enters, he is eliminated. Action continues and #13 is Mikey Batts. #14 Jason Cross as the scrubs get out of the way for the last few stars. Styles eliminates Mikey with a standing enziguri. Jerrel Clark is #15. Cool double team with La Park and Nosawa on Styles. Chris Vaughn is eliminated. Enziguri by La Park on Styles. #16 is Kid Kash. Nosawa and La Park eliminate each other. Kid Kash comes in and attacks. Cool backbreaker on Clark. #17 is Nigel McGinnis from the UK. Clark eliminated by Kash. Psicosis is #18! Jason Cross is out. West and Tenay put over the first X Division Title match (Styles vs. Psicosis vs. Low Ki vs. Jerry Lynn double eliminate). Styles does the “pele” and sends Kash out. #19 is Sharkboy. Kash coems back and eliminates Style and they brawl for a while. Dallas comes in to attack too. Double team brawling on Styles. Oh yeah the match. #20 is Chris Sabin as the camera returns to the ring. Shark Boy is out. #21 is the Amazing Red. Kazarian still in the ring since #1, about 20 minutes now. McGinnis is out with double dropkicks from Sabin and Red. #22 is Michael Shane. Shane with a superkick on Psicosis and Kazarian guides Psicosis over the top. Sabin attacks them, but they eliminate him. Final four are Red, Petey Williams, Shane and Kazarian. Red head scissors Shane to the floor, and everyone pops. Kazarian is shocked. He was #1. Williams and Kazarian beat down Red together. They work together for a bit, then Kazarian turns on Williams. Williams eliminates Kazarian so we are definitely going to have a new champ. Now we have a match.

Petey Williams vs. Amazing Red
Williams goes for Canadian Destroyer but Red reverses and hits a fireman’s carry slam for 2. Red comes off the top and cant get a 3 count. Red covers again but Bobby Roode comes down and distracts the ref. We already saw THIS EXACT PERSON DOING THIS EARLIER. Red recovers, comes back into the ring with a sunset flip, Williams grabs the ropes, the ref kicks it and Red gets a 2 count. Red’s bandana comes off and he has a red fro. Roode and now D’Amore get involved, hockey stick to the back of Red. Williams hits the SUPER AWESOME Canadian Destroyer and gets the win and the title.
Winner and NEW X Division Champ: Red

Dusty Rhodes is livid!

In closing, I’m bringing in my partner Widsy:

Widsy: Yo Widro! That event was awesome! A real great match for the X Division Title. Now here’s my dawg Jonny DUB.

Jonny Dub: Guys, I gotta tell you, always a fun time watching in our posh mansion! What a PPV!

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