Foley Writes Eulogy & Note On Batista

Mick Foley has written a eulogy for remembering Ken Timbs, who died last week. The article reads:

“I used to hear stories about Ken Timbs as a wrestler. Apparently he and Eric Embry were quite a tag team at one time. As “El Fabuloso Blondie” in Mexico, he didnâ??t shy away from the legit heat that came with pro-American gimmick. I believe he was also the man who introduced many hardcore stipulation matches to Mexican audiences. But even though I wrestled him once on a small independent show in a town Iâ??ve long forgotten, I canâ??t say Iâ??m all that familiar with him as a wrestler. Instead, I knew him as a father who personally delivered all nine of his children, I knew him as a friend, who always had a warm, open home for me to visit. And I knew him as a man who liked to make my childrenâ??s dreams come true, and who never charged me for that privilege.”

The entire article can be read HERE.

Batista appeared on Portland TV station KATU to promote the upcoming Unforgiven PPV. The article and video of the appearance can be seen HERE.

Credit: Wade Keller,