Shawn Michaels’ Return, Vikings Change Lesnar’s Position & More

Shawn Michaels and his wife still have not had their baby yet, as of a few hours ago. The pregnancy was due on Saturday. Michaels informed WWE that if the baby is not born before SummerSlam, he will not be at the show. Although Michaels is not scheduled to appear on SummerSlam, there is one very obvious scenario in which he would fit in perfectly. The current plan is for him to feud with Kane after Summerslam (ironically in what could also be a pregnancy storyline).

The Minnesota Vikings have changed Brock Lesnar’s position. They feel he would be better at Nose Tackle, since it’s an easier position for him to learn and he has the strength to play it. Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Tice has gone on the record and said that the position gives Lesnar his best chance to make the practice squad. It’s unlikely he will make the main roster.

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