Jeff Hardy Talks About Choosing TNA Over WWE


Jeff Hardy on Between the Ropes Recap
Recap by Richard Trionfo

This week on Between the Ropes, current number one contender for the NWA World Title, Jeff Hardy joined Fritz, Dickerman, and Vito DeNucci to talk about his current run in TNA and other matters in the world of professional wrestling.

The interview began with talk of Jeffâ??s match against Jeff Jarrett for the NWA World Title on September 8th.

He said that he is having fun now, and is no longer burned out by the business thanks to the year that he has been out of the ring. He talked about how much different the schedule is for TNA than for the WWE and how he goes to Nashville on Wednesday and then to Orlando on Thursday. He has the rest of the week to spend at home with his other interests.

Jeff mentioned that while he was out of the business, Matt would talk to him regularly about having him come back to the business, but at that time he was focusing on his music, motocross, and art work. The time that he took off allowed him to heal both mentally and physically. He did have some ring rust when he came back, but he feels that the time off helped him to focus instead of having to worry about taking bumps every night.

Jeff said that he was going to have some changes in his repertoire in the ring, but he will continue to use his established moves. Jeff said that he had watched some of his old Hardy Boys matches and was amazed at some of the moves that he had done when working with his brother. Jeff said that he will let some of the others to do those moves now. He says that he is still a daredevil, but he is one at a different level.

Jeff was asked about Jim Rossâ??s comments that were made before he stepped down as Senior VP of Talent Relations and how he wanted to sign Jeff with the WWE. Jeff said that he was very close to signing a contract and going to Louisville to work off the ring rust. However, he was not ready to return to the WWE schedule, so he looked to TNA.

Jeff talked about his reaction to the chants that Matt hears during his matches of â??We Want Jeffâ?? and said that he would like to have a reunion of the Hardy Boys in the future. He said that regardless of what he does as a singles wrestler, he really enjoyed working tag matches with Matt. He said that things involving Matt and Lita in the WWE right now are â??nutty and chaoticâ??. He also feels that Matt has done a great job in creating the Mattitude character. Jeff said that Matt has a great mind for the business, and he is the type of person who could have a career working behind the scenes.

He talked about how it is sometimes hard to get what you want with your character to happen because of the politics and other people who care more about getting themselves over instead of what is best for the overall picture. Jeff said that he would make suggestions for his character, and some of them were not accepted by the people in the back. However, instead of complaining, he accepted it.

Jeff said that he checked out some of the websites on the internet when he decided to start with TNA, and he was surprised that there were some people on the net who were usually critical of everything in the business applaud the signing with TNA and his work with TNA.

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