InsidePulse’s Live WWE SmackDown! Coverage: JBL/Orlando Opening Segment

Welcome to Smackdown, taped live from Detroit, Michigan, home of… Michael Moore or Rhyno or Brian J. Blottie or someone.


JBL comes out to open the show, and he explains that not only is he not a midget, he’s also “not politically correct, bitches.” He’s not Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan, “the great HHH” or a number of others that The Undertaker, his opponent at SummerSlam, has beaten in the past… he’s the WWE Champion, and he’s not afraid. Oh, and thank you to his new Chief-of-Staff, Orlando Jordan!

Orlando’s sick of waiting for a break, for a hand-out, so he’s stepping up and using Sean Morley’s gimmick since it’s a sure-fire way to get a big push and become a superstar! JBL agrees, and announcse that tonight it’s Orlando Jordan vs. The Undertaker…