InsidePulse’s Live WWE SmackDown! Coverage: Spike Dudley vs. Paul London, Main Event Announcement


Spike Dudley, Cruiserweight Champion, vs. Paul London, Tag Team Champion (non-title match)
Storyline: Cole and Tazz wonder why Spike had a change of heart after refusing help from his brothers for so long, and comment on how he ordered Bubba and D-von to get the tables last week – something they’ve never seen before. This match is a warm-up – with Billy Kidman, D-von and Bubba at ringside – to the 6-man tag match at SummerSlam, and Rey Mysterio is not at the arena due to doctors’ orders.

Wrestling: Pretty even match, with London being sent to the outside early, and amazingly avoiding getting his ass kicked. Cool spot where Spike went to the top rope and came down to London’s raised boots. What? That’s not a cool spot, you say? People go to the top rope all the time to set up “no particular move” and hit boot, you say? Yeah, but at least SPIKE has a top-rope STOMP move that makes sense for him to go to there. Match ends after London misses an impressive-looking (for a miss) 450 Splash, and Spike rolls him up. Beat-down ensues.
Winner – Spike Dudley

Entertainment: Fun, quick match that clocked in at around 5 minutes, give or take, and did a good job keeping Spike’s new ruthless side over, and making the three cruisers look like underdogs going into the PPV.


Cole and Tazz explain the main event — a “Summer Games Relay match” between Team Cena (Cena, RVD, Haas) and Team Booker (Booker, Luther, Dupree), where opponents get tagged in after five-minute intervals, until one team gets a fall.