InsidePulse’s Live WWE SmackDown! Coverage: The Undertaker vs. Orlando Jordan


Undertaker vs. Orlando Jordan
Storylines: This one’s rather simple. Orlando Jordan – who got a nice handshake from Biker Taker (and a “good job”) a year or so ago after he challenged John Cena, and lost – is now JBL’s lackey, trying to make a statement heading into the JBL/Taker SummerSlam title match. Good luck.

Wrestling: Starts off with Jordan TAKIN’ IT TO THE UNDERTAKER! “Under-seller” my ass! Oops. Choke-slam! Old-school! The stroke? LOW BLOW JORDAN! It’s gonna be an upset! But the low blow was with Jordan’s bad hand, previously slammed into the steps by Undertaker… wow, what psychology! Taker takes control after some O-ffense, and brings it outside, but Taker goes knee-first into the steps. Back in, and Taker takers over with a right, a flying lariat, splashes into the corner, and is about to lose… when JBL comes in, clothesline from hells Taker for the DQ ending and the proverbial upper hand. JBL celebrates, but Taker sits up and turns blue and smokey.
Winner – Undertaker by DQ

Entertainment: Fun match, which could have by all means been a squash, but allowed Jordan to get in some offense, while keeping a good pace, and ending with the champ happy one minute, scared shitless the next. Crowd doesn’t believe in Jordan, but you have to start somewhere.