InsidePulse’s Live WWE SmackDown! Coverage: Relay Match Rules/Intros



Big Show dives, polkadot shorts and all, and soaks the crowd (and actually looks in pretty good shape), in another SummerSlam commercial. Too bad he “quit” SD a few months ago.


Cole and Tazz explain the rules to the Summer Games Relay Match:

1. One fall to finish
2. RVD vs. Booker T will be the first five minute period
3. If there is no winner in the first period the team who on the coin toss will relay a member of his team (Team Booker T won the untelevised coin toss)


Team Cena is introduced first, with Miss Jackie accompanying Charlie, and Cena raps about how Booker’s team would rather have a three-way than a relay; how Mr. Thursday Night flies high with five stars getting higher than a kite; Charlie Haas, to no one’s surprise is on the team ’cause of Jackie and her real big eyes; etc. (NO POOPY RAPS! YAY!)

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