Flair’s Sales Beat Hogan’s, Post-Summerslam Matches, Other Tidbits

Ric Flair’s first-week autobiography sales outsold Hulk Hogan’s first-week autobiography sales two years ago.

JBL vs. Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle in a triple threat match was advertised during last night’s Smackdown broadcast in Alberta. This would make it seem like JBL will retain the title against the Undertaker on Sunday. WWE’s official stance on this type of thing is that they always “assume” champions will retain titles when putting together future house show line-ups so as to not give anything away. This theory hasn’t really been tested before since the key is if in the future they advertise a post-PPV title match with an incumbent champion who ends up losing the belt which would result in the card being changed.

Randy Orton’s father Bob Orton Jr. is scheduled to appear at the October 3 USA Pro Wrestling convention with Bobby Heenan, Ivan Putski, Dusty Rhodes, and Bruno Sammartino.

Credit: Wade Keller, PWTorch.com