Matt Hardy To Miss 6-8 Months, Shannon Moore Having Nose Surgery

Matt Hardy reports in his latest online commentary that while he will wrestle Kane, he will be having major knee surgery afterward and will miss six-to-eight months of ring time.

He writes:

“After having more-detailed MRIs done within my knee, it turns out Iâ??m unfortunately dealing with a worst-case scenario. My North Carolina orthopedic doctor confirmed that my MCL is torn, but not badly enough to do any damage on its own. My meniscus has a severe tear in it that has to be scoped and cleaned so that knee will no longer lock up. My ACL, the most important ligament in my knee, is non-existent now. The doctor said there were no fibers of my ACL remaining within my left knee. Not good. The tests also showed my ACL has been destroyed for months. The doc couldnâ??t believe that I was walking without my knee buckling and giving out, much less wrestling a full time schedule up until four weeks ago. With that said, I have to get total reconstructive surgery on my left knee. The typical recovery time for this surgery is usually six to eight months. But before this happens, this tough bastard named Matt Hardy has a match left in him at SummerSlam.”

Shannon Moore had a similar surgery to his former 3-Count buddy Shane Helms (the Huricane) as he had surgery on his nose to enable him to be able to breathe out of both nostrils.

A&E will be airing Mick Foley, Hulk Hogan, and Andre The Giant’s biographies tonight.

Credit: Wade Keller,