Flair Talks About Drinking With Andre & Rips Foley

The following is a partial recap of an interview Ric Flair did on Comcast Cable in Boston today:

Flair talked about one time when he was drinking with Andre the Giant and Andre downed 107 beers in a seven-hour period (and was nearly comatose after).

When the interviewer asked him if travel was a tough part of the job, Flair said absolutely not, that that’s one of the easier parts. He mentioned how the young guys are spoiled and don’t appreciate the travel conditions he had to deal with back in the day, and how they have it easy now. He also mentioned how traveling in Europe is a dream. He would much rather do a week in Europe than a week on the East Coast (from a traveling perspective), and also mentioned how they (WWE wrestlers) are like the Beatles in Europe right now.

Regarding Mick Foley, Flair called him nothing but a glorified stuntman, and said that Foley couldn’t wrestle an hour tomorrow if his life depended on it, that he (Foley) “would need an oxygen tank” to go an hour.

Regarding Hulk Hogan, he said that he and Hogan are essentially the exact same, except that Hogan never had a problem saying no certain times, whereas he (Flair) would always say yes when asked to do something by the company, that he was a company man and Hogan was not.

Credit: Jeff from Boston, PWInsider.com