More On Smackdown Rating, Matt Hardy’s Column Pulled, WWE Dress Code Specifics


Smackdown drew a preliminary final rating of 2.6, which is what was expected and not good considering the importance of the week preceding the second biggest PPV of the year. The highest quarter hour was 2.9 which included the Summer Games Relay segment.

Matt Hardy’s column from yesterday (on the official site) has now been redirected to one of his old articles from July. Speculation is that the column was pulled because Hardy revealed his impending knee surgey (which is expected to keep him out for 6-8 months) and therefore gives the outcome of his match with Kane away.

While we have previously reported on the new dress code in World Wrestling Entertainment, we haven’t had the specifics until now. WWE wrestlers are required to wear dress shoes, dress pants, a button up shirt, and a tie when travelling to and from WWE events. Women also have to dress more formally. This is especially bad for the workers when they are at the gym since they have to change in to workout clothes and then back into the ‘dress code’ clothes to get to the arena.

Credit: Wade Keller,