Big Update: Bret Hart/WWE, Why Orton Is Turning Face, and HHH Becomes A McMahon


Bret Hart was telling people at Saturday’s indy card in Buffalo, NY, where he made an appearance, that he was heading to SummerSlam last night to meet with the McMahons. There were rumblings that Hart was staying at the Intercontinental Hotel in Toronto, but that is still unconfirmed. Hart has been in talks with WWE recently about his proposed DVD, the rights to it, and its promotion. It’s no secret that the McMahons would love to get Bret back into the fold but thus far, it hasn’t happened. While Bret can’t wrestle due to the aftereffects of his stroke, WWE would still like to have him back in their family to fill any number of on-camera roles. He’d certainly be better than Teddy Long.

One much talked about area of WWE creative right now is which way that the company should go with Randy Orton and HHH’s characters. Originally the company had planned to turn HHH face for their eventual feud but now all signs are that they will turn Orton instead. The official reason is that they have seen the crowd getting behind Orton and as is usually the case… the fans decide. Personally I do not think Randy Orton has any staying power as a good guy. The problem is that most people have no faith in Triple H’s value as a face and can only see him as a heel. There are also a lot of people who see major top guy potential in Orton.

It should be noted that Hunter was waiting for Orton to come through the curtain last night and gave him a long hug and put him over for the job he did in the match. Because of the face turn for Orton, HHH obviously couldn’t come out to the ring. Once again, a number of people have said that Vince McMahon was treating HHH as if he was his son, saying that H is firmly entrenched in Vince’s ear and that Vince genuinely loves the guy. Shane McMahon was at the show last night but it was clear to everyone there that Vince has bonded totally with his son-in-law. One of the funnier notes is what some people in the company are saying. They joke that if H and his daughter were ever to get a divorce, “Vince would really miss Steph”. That says it all.

Credit: Dave Scherer,