Backstage Tidbits From Summerslam

Shawn Michaels was not at last night’s show, presumably because he was still with his wife Rebecca. There are conflicting reports over whether or not she had the baby.

There was definitely talk among the wrestlers that they heard that management was not happy that Matt Hardy divulged that he needed knee surgery and would be out of action for eight months in his column, which was pulled immediately.

As I mentioned in my Live Notes, Matt Hardy looked great in the ring last night. A number of WWE workers who put him over big time for the way he worked basically on one leg.

As you have probably noticed by now, Carmella, the diva wannabe, was not involved in the dodgeball debacle last night. From what I heard, she told WWE she had another commitment, pretty much at the last minute, and no-showed the segment which was shot before the PPV yesterday at the Air Canada Centre. Carmella has been heavily rumored to be a ringer because of her relationship with Jeff Garcia and the fact that she has already appeared in Playboy. The word is that Carmella has had anything but a positive attitude towards wrestling since she has been in WWE, and this is indicated in her lack of enthusiasm in the TV appearances thus far. On the broadcast, Coach mentioned how one Diva was cut already today, but never mentioned Carmella by name. He was told not to mention her, as were the announcers. It will be interesting to see whether she is on RAW tonight or not, because it is safe to assume she is gone if she does not appear.

Believe it or not, Jazz tweaked her shoulder during Diva Dodgeball. No word on the seriousness of the injury.

Credit: Dave Scherer,